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300 Subscribers!

The last time I wrote a post about hitting a certain number of subscribers to my blog, three people promptly unfollowed it and I dropped below the number I was celebrating! 

But I really do want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. A post a day is no small thing, especially for those who get it straight to your inbox. I want you to know I appreciate you all. As much as I try and blog for myself and not pay too much attention to likes or readers, having you all around makes the process 100% more fun. 

I hope you all are having a great week! 

100 Posts and 200 Followers

Today marks 100 days of posting in a row and coincides with my blog hitting 200* followers! Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement! 

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*Technically 209 since I have 9 e-mail followers and the 200 number only counts WordPress followers. But 200 sounds more rounded than 209. I know you 9 are the real champs, though! You have to deal with me in your inbox! 

5 Years of Blogging (on WordPress)

According to WordPress, today marks 5 years of blogging. Whoot whoot! Never mind that for most of those 5 years I rarely posted more than half a dozen times….

I was trying to figure out what I was doing 5 years ago because I definitely didn’t start Fernweh’s Call till 2013. Turns out, this is the anniversary of when Danielle, Hope and I started Out of the Air! Remember that blog!? ….

Yeah, me neither. Good times, though! We really did have some fun ideas. I’m a little aghast at how long my posts were, but I put a lot of effort into them. They were a lot more politically oriented. It really was a blast. Yet another project I dragged my friends into, hopefully they remember it as fondly as I do! Happy Blogging Anniversary, Hope and Danni!