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9 Years Blogging

WordPress informs me today marks 9 years of blogging. Crazy thought–it feels both longer and shorter.

My first blog wasn’t Fernweh’s Call, but actually Out of the Air, a blog in conjunction with two good friends in high school. (Our last post was in 2013…). A quick review shows that I wrote most of the posts. (No surprise there.)

Those were heady times. I wanted to be a columnist for Townhall so I mostly wrote about politics. They were pretty good. Actually, looking back, I can’t think of any posts on this blog I connect with as much as those did those. From ‘Associating with Cheeseheads’ to ‘What Uganda Warlord?’ I remember feeling on fire with each of my posts.

And I remember my Dad telling me maybe I should think about shortening them 😉

In the spirit of that advice, I shall leave my reminiscences here.


I’m pumped full of antihistamine at the moment and nodding off at 7:45 PM so I’ll keep this post short and sweet: 

Thank you to all 414 followers of this blog. You make the difference between talking to myself and a community I get to engage with. The last three years have been a doozy, but I’m fortunate to have such an incredible group of people behind me. 

And to the 485 people who accessed my Thinking It Through: Life as a verbal processor post this year alone, I don’t understand why that post specifically took off but I appreciate your views. 

Another Broken Streak

134 days in a row. And then my blogging streak was no more. Arg.

Last semester, the class I TAed for covered “the Bible in a day.” Yesterday we simply had “Reformation in a day.” But many of my students didn’t take Part I last semester, so few actually knew what was going on. 

Thus it became: the Bible plus the Reformation in a day. (Or more precisely, 50 minutes.) It did not go super well. I was exhausted by the time I left, exhausted going to Bible study afterwards, exhausted because I forgot to do homework due Sunday so I rushed to do that before going to bed, and simply exhausted from how thrown off my schedule was  driving back to Madison in the morning. 

And so I forgot to blog. Arg. 

End of a Streak

If you woke up this morning to something that sounded very faintly like someone shouting, “I FORGOT TO BLOG…”

That would be me. 

I forgot to blog yesterday. My 449 day streak has come to an end. 

And the worst part? I don’t even have a good excuse. I just…forgot. 

After months of doing everything possible to maintain my streak even through time zone changes and travel and days of jet lag, I lost it all because I got caught up in a novel and forgot I had yet to write something. I even knew what I wanted to blog about. It was an interesting, eventful day. 

But, alas. I did not. Adieu my streak. Hello again Day 1. 

Ugly Advertisements Addendum

I woke up this morning to this e-mail from WordPress:

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this limited-time discount.

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  • Use your own domain name (instead of having WordPress.com in your URL).
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Image result for coincidence I think not

But seriously, WordPress missed out. Forget all those perks. All they had to say was “no ugly advertisements” and I’d have been sold.

But they didn’t. So here we are with ugly advertisements again. 

(I remain hopeful about this site’s ability to stalk my posts and advertise accordingly. We shall see what tomorrow’s e-mails bring!) 

Ugly Advertisements

My Mom semi-frequently mentions the ugly advertisements that appear when she receives an e-mail from this blog–especially one about a worm.  I don’t see them. They come with WordPress and, I suppose quite shrewdly, WordPress doesn’t show me the advertisements when I am logged in. I might see them on other blogs I follow, but to be honest, they don’t usually make an impression on me.

But the other day I accessed my blog from a new computer and wasn’t logged in. And let me tell you, there are sooooo many ugly advertisements on this site! It was quite distracting! I understand that WordPress needs to make money but good heavens, will no one else pay to advertise? And must the advertisements be quite so close to the text? 

It made me grateful for all of you who read this blog despite the ugly advertisements. I do apologize for them. Maybe someday I will be able to afford a domain name and then (maybe?) have at least more say in advertisements? I don’t really know how that all works. 

“Normal” Amount of Posts

As I mentioned in an earlier post or two, part of my job at work involves updating the Foundation’s blog. I actually quite enjoy it. But I realized, the fact that I blog on Fernweh’s Call every day has given me a skewered perception of what is “normal” for a healthily updated blog.  

For example, my work’s blog is accessible through the website and the website lists the most recent 8 or so posts with links to get there. I seriously over-analyze how recent those 8 posts should be. Is it okay to have one from May? Should they all be June and July? Or just July? Can July have a few more posts than June? Or should I evenly space out posts so I don’t post more than 4 a month? 

But when you are used to writing 30-31 posts a month, 4 sure seems weak! 

I think I am going to go stalk all the organizations like us and see how often they post.

Blogging For Work

Boss: “You blog every day, right?”

Me: “Yup!”

Boss: “So you can whip a few posts up about our last case, right? Should be a breeze!”

Me: * thinks about the story of the runaway watermelon that took 5 minutes to write *

Me: * thinks about the complicated civil procedure litigation we just finished that took weeks of research *

Me: “…yeeeeeep.”

100 Posts and 200 Followers

Today marks 100 days of posting in a row and coincides with my blog hitting 200* followers! Thank you all for your kind support and encouragement! 

Image result for celebrate gif







*Technically 209 since I have 9 e-mail followers and the 200 number only counts WordPress followers. But 200 sounds more rounded than 209. I know you 9 are the real champs, though! You have to deal with me in your inbox! 

Blogging Again

Soooooooo you might have noticed a few…just a few…posts from me recently. 

Hi, yeah, I’m back! And posting every day.

Image result for waving gif

I do plan to keep it up this time, too. Or at least, I do until January when I leave for Thailand. I’m not sure how it will work then.

Related image

I was reflecting on 24, though, and I realized that part of what made the year challenging was that I didn’t look for those little moments that made it wonderful. Though I did blog, it wasn’t blogging for the sake of remembering. I want to remember this season. 

Image result for remember gif

Also I get a little burst of dopamine every time some likes one of my posts. And that stuff is addicting! 

So I’m back! I apologize if your inbox is blowing up. Hopefully the journey ahead will make it worth it.