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Blogging Again

Soooooooo you might have noticed a few…just a few…posts from me recently. 

Hi, yeah, I’m back! And posting every day.

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I do plan to keep it up this time, too. Or at least, I do until January when I leave for Thailand. I’m not sure how it will work then.

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I was reflecting on 24, though, and I realized that part of what made the year challenging was that I didn’t look for those little moments that made it wonderful. Though I did blog, it wasn’t blogging for the sake of remembering. I want to remember this season. 

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Also I get a little burst of dopamine every time some likes one of my posts. And that stuff is addicting! 

So I’m back! I apologize if your inbox is blowing up. Hopefully the journey ahead will make it worth it. 


The Downside of Leaving

One of the downsides of moving to the middle of nowhere Idaho to work at camp is that I will have limited access to the internet. My blogging streak which has now lasted almost a year and two months will come to an end after Wednesday.  The upside of this is that when I do have internet, I’ll be uploading amazing pictures of mountains and nature. Stay tuned for that! The downside is, well, no more daily posts from me. 

This really is the end of a season. I’ve grown attached to these daily posts. It has kept me consistent in a way journaling never could. Thank you, readers, for being part of my life. I hope you’ll stick around for the next adventure! 

(And don’t worry, you’ll still have me on the weekends.)

P.S. The other downside to camp is that I won’t have time and/or access to books like I do now so I probably won’t make my goal of 170 this year. *sob*

One Year…

I have an exciting announcement. Are you ready for this? *drum roll please*


I never thought I would make it this long. I assumed that blogging consistently would be like any other hobby I have tried, momentarily consuming and eventually forgotten. (RIP -crocheting, Spanish, and anime.) Somehow, however, blogging has persisted, and I think that is because writing every day gives me a platform to talk about what interests me in the moment. It supersedes my short term focus by encompassing everything!

I started blogging every day because I heard on a podcast (another forgotten hobby) that doing so would make you a better, more rounded person. I think the speaker meant blogging about current events and world injustices and other, serious things. I fall short of that. However, blogging has taught me some important things…

  • Short is good. 
  • When in doubt, write a book review. 
  • Procrastination is bad. Half of these posts were written right before I went to bed and you can tell. 
  • Mom does not find my Pinterest posts amusing.
  • Food posts are always popular.
  • One year goes by really fast.

Thank you, readers! This year would not have been the same without you. Here’s to another year of blogging! (and hopefully this time I won’t miss a day in July)

Blogging Time

5pm – Shoot, I haven’t posted yet today.

6pm – I should really get on this.

7pm – Am I reading anything good? Did I watch any movies recently? 

8pm – Any funny stories from today?

9pm – Yeah, I’m cutting this close.

10pm – Now I’m in trouble.

11pm – Hmm… “Blogging time…”

6 months!

With the exception of that one day in July when I forgot to post, I have blogged every day for roughly 6 months! I know sometimes my posts can be random and last minute, but I have really enjoyed and appreciated this opportunity. Thank you to everyone who has supported and followed me! Especially big thanks to those family members who always read my posts ❤️ You keep me inspired. 


After 4 months of blogging every day, I forgot to blog yesterday! 



The quotable Lady Catherine de Bourgh:

Asking questions is important. | 27 Lessons That Everyone Can Learn From "Psych"

I didn’t mean to. I was exhausted and fell asleep before I realized I hadn’t posted yet. I have *almost* fallen asleep without posting many a time…but this was the first time I’ve actually done it! Gahhhhhh.

Oh well, Day 1. I’ll start again! 

34 Days Later

And like that, 34 days of blogging pass. I can’t believe I have made it so long! Overall, it has been a really fun and rewarding experience. There have been some odd posts…and some good ones. On more occasions than I care to remember, I was tucked into bed and half-asleep before I realized I needed to write something. I guess that sort of explains the odd posts.

This has been fun! It has been challenging but that makes it worth it. Forcing myself to be consistent has made it easier to be consistent in other things, like giving up coffee. It has been fun to write every day. It has been fun to share the books I read and the memes that make me laugh. 

In short, it has been so fun I plan to keep it up! I don’t know how it will go, but writing every day is a good habit to maintain and this extrovert finds it easier to blog every day than journal. My next goal? 100 posts in a row (including these 34 😉 )