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Bookworm Decorating Problems: Part 2

Me: “I have a problem.”

Bethany: “What?”

Me: “I thought two small bookshelves would solve my dilemma. But they won’t. The books won’t all fit so now I need to consider a third shelf but that seems excessive. That’s like, five shelves. Not including if I buy a bookshelf as a night stand which would be six.” 

Bethany: “You know, there is an obvious answer.”

Me: * thinks very hard. Draws an absolute blank. * “What?”

Bethany: “Get rid of books instead.” 

Me: “…”

Me: “…”

Me: “…”

Me: “How is that the obvious answer?! That is the opposite of the answer. That’s, like, a non-answer.”

Bethany: “…”

2019 Reading Goal: Complete

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, it is March 27th and I completed my yearly reading goal.


Not that I expected to only read 119 books this year. I just did not expect to read 119 books in 3 months.

After all, it took all of 2017 for me to read 119 books. Here I am two years later already there. 

Or in other words, the nearly 31,000 pages I’ve covered means I’m halfway through the total number of pages I read last year (61,000) and last year’s page numbers included textbooks. This year so far does not. 

What does it all mean?  

Well, it goes back to something I posted about last year. The more my life feels out of control, the more I default to books. I can control books. I can control what I read, how fast I read, and how quickly I achieve my reading goals. Achieving a goal I set for myself can feel like a little pocket of serenity amidst the unstable whirlwind of life. 

I often feel like I lack control here in Thailand. And I’m learning to embrace it. Sort of. Slowly. In the meantime, I read. 

Now the real question, do I set another goal? (I mean, obviously I’m aiming for 365 now. But do I make it official? I feel like no.) 

Under 900. Ish.

For a glorious week or two, I kept my to-read list under 900 books. 

Then I looked today and somehow it reached 901 again. It keeps doing that. 

I think I just must accept the fact that while I am in law school, I am unable to keep my to-read list manageable. There are just too many good books. For every 1 book I read, I hear about 5 others worth reading. 

Some day, when I am out of law school (or maybe retired), I will have enough time to add all the books to my to-read list I want while still keeping the list manageable. It will be like eating all the chocolate cake you want because you also work out and calories don’t count.

But healthier, because books. 

Bookworm Problems

Last night I resisted the voice in my head that said I should do homework and curled up with a book instead. Unfortunately, it was very lousy read. I felt super cranky that my evening off was devoted to something so unworthy. A 1 star read. So, I finished another book. A better book. A 5 star book. And I couldn’t sleep. 

I tried for a little bit before restlessly picking up a third book. An average book. I haven’t finished, but I suspect a 2 star read. 

All of this meant that when I finally did fall asleep, it was much later than I planned. And when I woke up, it was much later than I expected. So much for early to bed and early to rise. It all would have worked out so well if that first book hadn’t been so bad!


Traveling with Books

I settled on bringing 5 books with me on vacation. This might be too many…but 4 looked like too few. The problem with being a speed reader is that the amount I can get through in a relatively short amount of time is quite bulky. I should have brought my Nook instead but I still haven’t gotten into e-readers. 

So 5 books it is; I am confronted by the problem of space.  I am only bringing a carry-on. This leaves me with several considerations. Hard covers are bulky but they travel better than paperback. Do I bring library books in case I have to leave something behind? Am I overestimated the amount of time I will have to read? Will I even want to read This Side of Paradise while on vacation? So many questions! We shall see if I answered them correctly!