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A Day to Laugh

Since it is April 1st, I feel like I ought to have prepared a glowing review of Twilight or The Communist Manifesto or something. Unfortunately, I didn’t think that far ahead. This is, however, a day to laugh so please enjoy a few funny memes I found on Pinterest: 

The Humor Train:


Snowy Batman:

small speed bumps that is...:


Pinterest Laughs

After a couple early mornings (with one more to go), I’ve basically entered zombie mode. Instead of attempting to produce coherent sentences, I offer these gems from Pinterest. Enjoy a chuckle with me.

Oh my gosh yes:





pinterest: @xpiink ♚:




10 Meme's Every Bible Lover will Get:


I have no words:


Life Gives You Lemons:

I thought about exercising…

About once a year, I feel an urge to go running. It usually passes quite harmlessly. Today, as I was driving home from work, I felt the urge to go running. Then I realized I had left my tennis shoes at the office.

And it looks like rain.

There went that idea.


‘Cause I’m reading 1776…

I’ve been reading 1776 by David McCullough and it has inspired me to find some Revolutionary war style memes. ALSO, anyone else excited for the best day of the year, aka THE 4TH OF JULY?

Hahaha! History humor.:




george's adventures:


the adventures of george washington:

rally 'round the history:

I MISS THE DAYS I NEVER LIVED. A place for the appreciation of the fascinating past and every other...:

(No matter how many times I read them, The Adventures of George Washington memes make me laugh until I cry.)





Ole Benny Harrison…continued

So I thought it would be amusing to follow up on my last post with a silly picture of Benjamin Harrison. There has got to be something, right? My lazy search on Google images didn’t reveal anything though. He really was a boring guy…but there are moments he almost looks like he could be an actor of the Gandalf/old Obi Wan Kenobi/Sean Connery variety.

Cheerful looking, huh? Anyway, all these pictures reminded me of one of my favorite memes: 

Your May 25th chuckle

So I had several ideas for a blog post tonight but then our internet went out and I have an early morning tomorrow and I am trying to do this from my phone. In short, I have little to offer tonight. Instead of something deep, please enjoy my new favorite meme. I laugh every time I see it: