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Old Man Diner

Tonight my Grandpa, some of his brother in laws, my Dad, and I went out for Friday Night Fish Fry. The diner dates back to the ’50s and in many respects looks it. Most of the clientele are retired. The booths are vinyl, the coffee bottomless, and pie a forgone conclusion.

Conversation flowed as you would expect. Politics, family, fishing, Hawks football. But being Iowa, it came with its own flavor.

Waitress: “And what will your side be? We have everything listed plus vegetables.”

Guy 1: “You got corn?”

Waitress: “No, I’ve got baby carrots?”

Guy 1: “No corn? Mph, I guess I’ll take baby carrots.”

Waitress: “And how about you?”

Guy 2: “You got corn?”

* Guy 1 perks up * “If he gets corn, I want corn.”

Waitress: * still smiling * “We don’t have corn. Try a salad.”

Guy 2: “Huh. No corn, eh? I guess I’ll also have carrots…”

Guy 3: “She already said she didn’t have corn!”

Guy 2: * looks flummoxed * “No corn, huh.”

More Food!

No April Fool’s Joke, people here eat shrimp on pizza.

In fact, I would say at least half the local Domino’s menu came with seafood on top. If you’re looking for something..less, there is the vegetarian option. It comes with a heavy dose of…corn!

Speaking of seafood…

Grilled right in front of you! Yummy even after consuming an entire pizza.

Thai Royal Ice Cream – CORN

I tried the corn flavor of Thai Royal Ice Cream. It tastes exactly like someone took a can of cream of corn and froze it to a stick. You’re literally eating chunks of corn in coconut milk. I’m a little baffled by it – and not going to lie, it isn’t my new favorite – but it sure makes for a memorable experience. 

Corn seems to be a popular desert staple here, though? I’ve been surprised by how many sweet things it has turned up in. I kind of feel like Iowans would either love this or rightly point out that corn doesn’t belong with this much sugar.