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More Food!

No April Fool’s Joke, people here eat shrimp on pizza.

In fact, I would say at least half the local Domino’s menu came with seafood on top. If you’re looking for something..less, there is the vegetarian option. It comes with a heavy dose of…corn!

Speaking of seafood…

Grilled right in front of you! Yummy even after consuming an entire pizza.

Thai Royal Ice Cream – CORN

I tried the corn flavor of Thai Royal Ice Cream. It tastes exactly like someone took a can of cream of corn and froze it to a stick. You’re literally eating chunks of corn in coconut milk. I’m a little baffled by it – and not going to lie, it isn’t my new favorite – but it sure makes for a memorable experience. 

Corn seems to be a popular desert staple here, though? I’ve been surprised by how many sweet things it has turned up in. I kind of feel like Iowans would either love this or rightly point out that corn doesn’t belong with this much sugar.