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Roommate Perks

Cold, wet, rainy, and dark. Not an ideal combination for arriving home after being gone 10 hours. But what do I find when I walk inside?

My sister made dinner.

And not like when I make dinner, which would be frozen pizza. She made shrimp and asparagus and rice. 

There are many perks to living with my sister. I’m beginning to see why people get married. 

Cooking Win (Brought to You by Aldi)

I expected tonight’s post to turn into one of those “I tried cooking and failed so spectacularly it was really a win” posts. But actually, my dinner turned out really well. No thanks to me. 

Aldi has these seasoned, uncooked, boneless, skinless chicken breasts that you heat up in the oven. Steps include  “put in pan” and “bake for 15 minutes.” You think ‘how hard can that be?’ I think, ‘That’s what I said about asparagus. And look how that turned out.’

But actually this turned out really well. I probably overcooked it because I was paranoid about raw chicken but even that didn’t harm it too much. A little over-seasoned, maybe, but more flavor than my cooking usually brings. I paired with garlic naan bread (from Aldi) and hummus (also from Aldi) and it ended up really yummy. 

If you’ve seen this and been on the fence about it because it looks like a weird, mushy mess…well, it is worth it! I recommend pairing with $3 wine from Aldi because that is the best deal on the planet. 

Thanks, Mom, for buying me groceries and tolerating my weird experiments! This one was actually a success. 

Not Actually An Adult

Apparently, despite what I thought yesterday, I am not actually adult enough. I went out for dinner yesterday with my friends and could not buy alcohol because I posses a vertical license. I was the oldest person in our party by three years but the only one not not allowed to have a beer to celebrate! 

It was a fabulously fun day otherwise. I am surrounded by wonderful people who made me feel loved all day! I received surprise donuts in the morning; went out for spicy, pork ramen for lunch; mini-golfed with all the interns after work; had Mod Pizza for dinner; and wrapped it all up with angel food cake cupcakes and a black-and-white movie, My Man Godfrey. 25 and feelin’ alive!

What do I eat?

“What do you eat?” asks my roommate, peering at the food on my shelf: tofu, shredded cheese, and half-quart of milk. 

“I eat…what’s in my cupboard!” I suggest. We open my cupboard. “Rice! Except…I’m out of rice. Oatmeal. Kiwis. Almonds. And I think I have a pizza in the fridge.” 

“You should go grocery shopping,” she recommends. I think about my bank account and shake my head. 

“It’s enough!” Because somehow, it is usually enough. 

Supper rolls around. I stare at my cupboards, trying to figure out if I had a plan for dinner. Maybe I do need to go grocery shopping. 

Then my other roommate comes home. “Amy! Do you want mussels?” she asks. “I’m heating some up. And we can have rice, peas, yogurt, rolls…” 

There you have it, folks. I haven’t starved this semester because my roommate feeds me. Yet another reason to be grateful for the girls who share this tiny living space with me!