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Doctor v. Finals

I went to the doctor’s today to get my vaccines updated for Thailand. 

Nurse: *big smile* “Okay! Now just a few routine questions for you. Over the last week, how often have you felt overwhelmed about something?”

Me: “Every day.”

Nurse: * smile slipping a little * “How many times this past week have you felt anxious, upset, or frustrated?”

Me: “Every day.”

Nurse: * looking concerned * “How many times this past week have you felt like things are out of your control?”

Me: “Just about…every day.”

Nurse: *looking vaguely panicked* “How many times this past week have you felt sad?”

Me: “I am a law student in the middle of finals.” 

Probably not the best week to answer these questions. 

Vitamin D

I’ve been playing phone tag with my doctor about some blood work for the past few weeks and finally got ahold of her. Or rather, a nurse who works with her. The nurse, however, lacked my doctor’s bedside manner. Or maybe I was a little too much in my old world. 

*over the phone*

Nurse: “So, you’re totally fine but you are Vitamin D deficient.”

Me: “Vitamin D?” I think, but I’m a redhead. We’re not supposed to need much of that stuff.* Does this mean I need to go outside more? Maybe I really am a vampire. Do vampires get Vitamin D deficient? I wonder if they absorb it from blood.  

Nurse: *apparently misinterpreting my confusion* “Don’t worry, you just need a little more sun. Or a vitamin. The doctor is sending a basic vitamin prescription to a pharmacy near you. Where should we send it?”

Me: Will this problem go away when I am in Thailand? Thailand has sun. I’ll get lots of it there. I’ll also get sunburned. I wonder if I should bring sunscreen with me? “Oh, Madison. I’m not sure where in Madison. I haven’t had to visit a pharmacy yet. Do you have a way of looking up some locations? If not I can try from my phone.”

Nurse: “I can do it.” *long silence* “It looks like there are two.”

Me: “Two pharmacies? Where?” Why do I need a prescription for a vitamin anyway?

Nurse: *names two streets*

Me: “Where are those located in…Madison? I haven’t heard of them. They don’t sound near my apartment.”

Nurse: *exasperated* “Well, honey, Madison is a small town! You can’t expect that many pharmacies!” 

Me:  “We’re talking about Madison…right?”

Nurse: “Madison, Wisconsin.”

Me: “And there are only two pharmacies?” 

Nurse: *exasperated sigh* “Well, give me a zip code!”

I give her mine. She pauses. Names a street. I am not sure it is near my apartment, but I say it will work anyway. I think she might give up on the whole thing if I try again. 

Me: “Thanks for your help!”

Nurse: “Uh-huh, good day.”

I really hope this prescription doesn’t end up in Madison, Georgia. 




Wisdom Teeth…again

Day 2 without wisdom teeth unfortunately finds me once again at the doctor’s. I haven’t stopped bleeding. The pain and swelling hasn’t actually been that bad. Doctor doesn’t know what is wrong. Sigh…and now my stomach is upset!