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I Want A Cat

I am visiting my friend in Minnesota this weekend and falling in love with her cat. Its name is Edo.

She also has a dog named Tux.

They are TuxEdo.

The cat is currently entertaining herself with a fake mouse. She casually pretends she cannot see it and then bats it away before chasing it across the room. Or casually picks it up and flings it.

This confuses the dog who then comes over to investigate and gets swatted by the cat 1/7th his size.

Entertainment for hours.

I have to admit, though, most of the reason I enjoy hanging with both pets is because they have a really good pet owner who makes them mind her. And I realize that as charming as they are, I probably would not be as excellent an owner. So instead of getting one, I am just going to keep playing with hers.

All the Above

When I took the above picture, I imagined I would write something profound about it. Something about how the patterned sidewalk always lets me know I am almost to my apartment and thus almost home. Something about adventure and the open road…

But here is what I am actually going to say about it:

Every time I walk this road, something wet splashes on my foot and it super grosses me out. I never know what the liquid is. Sewer water? Dog pee? Drainage? Maybe all the above. It sure smells like all the above.

(And also I’ve witnessed stray dogs just peeing in the middle of the sidewalk, so that is entirely possible.)