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Pizza and Beer

Most professors bring donuts to the last day of class.

My Public Sector Labor Law professor brought pizza and beer. I guess when you are 69 you just do what you like. 

“Do what you like” actually sounds like a good description for the class overall. Our last writing assignment was to write a paper and “pick what you feel the right answer is and then work backwards. No need to cite any law or anything” was all the direction we got. 

At least I got dinner out of it.

Not Actually An Adult

Apparently, despite what I thought yesterday, I am not actually adult enough. I went out for dinner yesterday with my friends and could not buy alcohol because I posses a vertical license. I was the oldest person in our party by three years but the only one not not allowed to have a beer to celebrate! 

It was a fabulously fun day otherwise. I am surrounded by wonderful people who made me feel loved all day! I received surprise donuts in the morning; went out for spicy, pork ramen for lunch; mini-golfed with all the interns after work; had Mod Pizza for dinner; and wrapped it all up with angel food cake cupcakes and a black-and-white movie, My Man Godfrey. 25 and feelin’ alive!

Tom + Chee

Tonight I ate at Tom + Chee, a restaurant that specializes in grilled cheese. (You might have seen them on Shark Tank.) My sandwich was yummy but it was the desert that really stole the show: 

That’s right…grilled cheese donuts.

It is a weird combination that totally works.