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DramaFever Is No More

My favorite Korean Drama streaming service no longer exists. 

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This is quite heartbreaking. I’ve been watching Korean dramas for 6 years now and DramaFever was the best. I even paid for a premium membership. Besides being a source of excellent shows, DramaFever usually produced fun content, from celebrity gossip to drama promotions. (My favorite was an ode to Lee Min Ho when he starred in Gangnam Blues by two YouTubers but I can’t find it anymore so I’m wondering if it got taken down with the site.) Also the K-Drama LoLs videos but they also gotten take down. 

In summary, DramaFever did an amazing job uniting fans from across the world with our shared love of love Korean dramas and it is now no more. 

I guess this means we all go watch on Viki now? 

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Looking for a cute Korean drama? Look no farther than Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

My sisters and I have been addicted to the drama since it first started airing and tonight we watched the last episode. Totally worth it. Though not quite as wonderful as Healer, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon definitely makes it on my Favorite Korean Dramas List. 

Do Bong Soon is a sweet, adorable girl who is secretly freakishly strong. Ahn Min Hyuk is a the CEO of a successful video game company and the recent target of several death threats. After seeing her in action, Ahn Min Hyuk hires Do Bong Soon to be his bodyguard. Shenanigans ensue. Throw in an angsty secondary lead, bumbling gangsters, and a murdering serial kidnapper, and you have a drama with a strange blend of romantic comedy, corny humor, and dark suspense.

The fact that these plot lines work together so well (aside from a few cheesy moments) is mostly due to the talent of the actors. Park Bo Young (who plays Do Bong Soon) and Park Hyung Sik (Ahn Min Hyuk) are both adorable. Though playing fairly well-worn roles (sweet poor girl/rich CEO), they bring new life to an exhausted trope. Seriously, I can’t think of any other other word for them collectively or apart than adorable and if you don’t agree, you haven’t seen the show. 

The supporting cast, however, are equally talented and creative in their roles. 

With only 16 episodes, this is one drama you won’t want to miss! Puppy Couple forever!

Strong Woman Do Bong-soon' Park Bo-yeong, Hyung Sik, Ji Soo's chemistry - http://asianpin.com/strong-woman-do-bong-soon-park-bo-yeong-hyung-sik-ji-soos-chemistry/:

DramaFever gets me

Wanna Grab Some Food?  – some kpop stars are coming along too, nbd.

Reads the DramaFever News title in my inbox. I click on it. 

Hi Amy – What’s better than K-pop or food? Try K-pop AND food!

I love getting e-mails from DramaFever. Whoever writes these things is a genius. They always catch my eye and crack me up. Last week it was:

Are You Afraid of Ghosts? – Who you gonna call? Ghost Taec Yeon! 

(I really want to watch Taec Yeon’s new drama…Let’s Fight Ghost.)

Another good title: 

Meet your newest #girlcrush Hwang Jin Yi – Legendary for her beauty, wit, and intelligence, she has got it all.

I tend to avoid historical dramas, but after reading that title, I was willing to give the movie  Hwang Jin Yi a chance.

Two more: 

Caution: Contents are hot – Because these dramas are getting kind of flirty. 


Want To Go To A Whole New World? – There’s no Aladdin, but how’s a magical Joseon?


After reading about the plot, I may decide not to watch these dramas. However, the titles of DramaFever News e-mails are usually striking enough that I’m at least willing to click on them and find out. It is one of the few mass, weekly e-mails I get that I look forward to getting!