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300 Days

Today marks 300 days of using the Duolingo language app every day. I do not think I am actually learning much Korean. Or at least, I’m learning very weird things like “Mister, why are you fat?” and “The dog speaks Korean.” Perhaps once I reach the end I will experience an epiphany and realize it all makes sense. One can hope. 

The app is kind of goofy in my opinion but it does a good job incentivizing use. And hey, fifteen-twenty minutes of day of a new language can’t harm me, can it? I call 300 days an achievement. 

180 Days

Exactly half a year ago, I was sitting between classes trying to find a Thai language app. I figured it was good to get a jump on it what with my new found interest in Thailand.

Unfortunately, I did not find one. I did notice that Duolingo finally had Korean, though. So I started there.

Today marks 180 days of doing Korean for ten minutes a day! I don’t actually know if I am learning anything, but it is fun.