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Thai Elections

Apparently, Thailand is the midst of a general election. I love election season. I must admit, though, I have no idea what is going on. 

First, there are these trucks that drive around all hours of the day blaring music in a perpetual parade of one. They even drive slowly. I can’t imagine that wins them votes from the other drivers! The truck usually has the candidate’s face on the side. And increasingly, instead of music, I hear speaking. Like, the truck drives around and plays speeches? It is all in Thai so I do not know what is being said. It seems singularly unproductive to play speeches that no one can hear the entirety of because the truck is moving…but apparently it works. 

Second, almost out of nowhere, candidate banners appeared everywhere. They are all about 8 feet tall and I do not think there is a tree or pole for miles around that does not have one. What I find fascinating is that they seem to change fairly regularly. It makes me wonder if people take down the opposing side’s banner and replace it with their own, or if there is some form of sharing happening? ‘You take the tree Mondays, I’ll take Wednesdays.’ At any rate, I took pictures of some of them to share! 

(These guys look like ambulance chasers.)

(Not a candidate, I don’t think, I’m just super confused why this banner was in the cafeteria.) 


Okay, I know you are all inundated by election stuff, but I have had so much build up for today I decided to make one last post. In spite of my frustration with the top of the ballot, voting was really fun today. There were a lot of fantastic people represented on my ballot who I know are a good leaders and who strive to make a difference. It was a pleasure voting for them and it reminded me that no matter how bleak the national level might be, we can’t give up on our local representatives. Happy voting day everyone!


In case you hadn’t noticed. 

The election is tomorrow! Make sure you vote!

The best way to canvass…

What is the best way to get out the vote? By unicycle, of course!

Check out the AFP-Wisconsin page on Facebook for the video of Kenneth riding his unicycle while canvassing!

Only 3 more days till we vote! So close! 


Normally, it takes me until Election Day, or at least the Monday before Election Day, before I break out the energy drinks. Not this year. Today I got a Rockstar. It was not very good. I probably should’ve opted for another cup of coffee. That being said, I feel this early dependency on energy drink reflects the general craziness of this election cycle. But think positive, people! Tomorrow means there are only five more days until the election! And then everything will be over. Or just beginning. Depends if you are a glass half empty or half full kind of person.

First Day of Fall!!

I noticed yesterday on my commute and today it is official…FALL IS HERE TO STAY! The cornfields are turning brown and the trees are ever so slowly changing color. I turned off the air conditioning at the office today. Google has got a thingy-ma-bob celebrating the first day of Fall. I almost grabbed a sweater. It is official and isn’t it lovely? 

Summer is actually my favorite season, mainly because my birthday is my favorite holiday and that falls in July. However, the air conditioning in my van went out this summer and it has been miserably hot driving that thing around. I’m so ready for cool temperatures! And even better, this is a Fall that contains an election season. I love election season. I love canvassing in the nippy weather and the camaraderie that comes with a good Get Out To Vote campaign. Sure, I might not love the candidates this year, but candidates come and go. The feeling of warmth that comes from friends and exercise and a little rousing political discussion never does! Bring it on!