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Successful Teacher of Evil

We’re still on Machiavelli for the class I TA in and I think it is finally starting to sink in for my students. I had the most triumphant moment today. I broke them out in small groups and said, “You now know Machiavelli’s methods. Pick a Democratic candidate and only using Machiavelli, plot his or her way to the nominee.” 

One group in particular struggled with the challenge since their chosen candidate did not appeal to a particular voting demographic. 

“What if we just killed everyone in that demographic?” suggested one. “Violence could work.” 

Another student looked thoughtful. “No, we just need to disenfranchise them. Then they will no longer pose a problem.” 

And in that moment I swear I could see the light bulbs turning on.  It was utterly beautiful. 

And kind of diabolical. I am officially a successful teacher of evil. 

Good, Clean Weather

Today is my favorite kind of weather day. Some call it Fall; I call it canvassing weather.

The air is a crisp 52 degrees. The sky is clear. There are doors to be knocked, pavement to be pounded. People to talk to. Elections to be won. 

And here I am, stuck inside a building that reminds me of a factory studying the attorney-client relationship and why putting Japanese in internment camps in WW2 was bad.

Sometimes I question my life decisions. 

Right Wisconsin Awards Gala

One of my favorite parts of attending the Right Wisconsin Awards ceremony was the chance to see Congressman Reid Ribble receive the Conservative of the  Year award. In 2010, I was part of a team of teenagers sent up to Green Bay, WI to help get him elected. 

It was a wonderful experience and definitely one of the highlights of my senior year. 

Seeing him recieve the award was an encouraging reminder that elections are important and sometimes we get it right and elect a really great guy.  

I also had the awesome opportunity to see my friend and co-worker, Melissa Moss, recive the Right Women To Watch Award. She is fighting a true battle in La Crosse and definitely deserves the recognition. She remains a firm reminder that as important as elections are, they don’t define our direction. Concerned, active, aware citizens can and will change the course of a country.