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Save the Popcorn

I saw Avenger’s Endgame (sooo good) this afternoon with friends. They were running late so I bought all the popcorn and drinks. I did not make it far.


It was too risky balancing it all so I stood over the popcorn for a good 20 minutes. The cleaning lady kept glaring at me.

Captain Marvel (2019)

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Captain Marvel!!

Bailed on all the things I planned to do today and went to the movies with a friend. So worth it! I was hesitant going in since I hadn’t heard anything about Captain Marvel but it exceeded my expectations! 

While the movie certainly carries the message of ‘strong female superhero,’ it isn’t quite as in-your-face as Wonder Woman and I think it succeeds where that movie fails because of it. That and the plot actually shows originality…

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised! Captain Marvle’s story pre-superhero powers almost comes across more interesting than her story post-powers, which makes her a likable and scrappy heroine throughout with depth and a hint of angst but not enough to slow the story down. 

While this is yet another origins story, it combines the Avengers world with the Guardians of the Galaxy world and I wish it came out earlier. It provides good backstory to the Avengers Initiative, but the timing feels off because right now all Marvel fans are waiting for Endgame…not wanting to take a nostalgic trip to the 90s with CGI Samuel L. Jackson. 

Final thoughts: Captain Marvel is probably the most powerful superhero introduced so far and I cannot wait to see more of her!