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Still In Finals

A couple people recently asked if I was done with finals. 

Alas, I’ve still got one more to go. 

It is a 24 hour take home, which basically means I start the test and have 24 hours to finish. The professor claims you can reasonably do it in 6 hours. Everyone I have talked to says…they took all 24.

I don’t know how you do an exam in 24 hours. How do you stay awake? How do you feel at all confident in what you are turning in?

So, I am vastly intimated. It doesn’t help that I have till Friday at the very latest to take the exam. I keep studying for it as if that will somehow makes things clear. But besides the test itself, I find the subject quite hard to wrap my mind around. 

Image result for i don't even know what I don't know

I guess this means I just need to bite the bullet and take the exam but surely one more day of studying…?

Perverse Productivity

I have a final this upcoming Saturday and I really don’t want to study for it.

I don’t want to study for it so much that yesterday I finished writing my paper that isn’t due for several days yet.

I don’t want to study so much I deep cleaned my apartment with my sister today.

I don’t want to study so much I graded all my students’ tests. 

I don’t want to study so much I’ve read and given feedback on two of my sister’s papers. 

And of course I’ve slept and read a lot!

It is amazing what you can all do when you’re avoiding doing the one thing you should do.