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Forgotten Extrovert

I forget I am an extrovert. 

No, really. There is a difference between being outgoing and being an extrovert. I easily convince myself I am the former. But the latter? After a summer spent commuting 3 hours, an isolating semester in Thailand, and the insane burnout that was the start of my 2L year, I forget that people fill me up. And anyway, I’d just as soon curl up with a book. (234 of them since January, to be precise.)

But I spent the last two nights socializing past my usual 9 pm bedtime and let me tell you…I feel energized. Alert. Awake. Enthusiastic. 

It is an odd feeling. I’d…forgotten. Forgotten what it feels like to not feel constantly exhausted. Forgotten how to be with people without mentally rehearsing everything I need to do next. 

Maybe even forgotten how fun it is to live with someone. It is nice having a roommate. Even one I leave home alone 14+ hours a day. 

Remembering I’m an Extrovet

Yesterday, my Mom kindly consented to join me at an AFP event and we headed into Milwaukee. I almost didn’t go. But I RSVPed and felt somewhat obliged to attend and there would be food.

I walked through the doors at the event, looked around the room, and saw people I knew. Moreover, people I liked. Former co-workers, bosses, and mentors. People I spent years fighting alongside. People I only know from Facebook. People I met once years ago. People I wanted to know. The AFP, grassroots world. In the flesh. 

I guess I just didn’t realize how much I missed that world. 

It was like a light flickered on in my head. ‘I know this situation. I am trained for this situation. I can go work the room. I can catch up on all the changes. Network.’

I often feel displaced in law school, to say nothing of the five months I spent in Thailand. But this was the opposite feeling of displacement. It was belonging. 

And I also realized, while I miss the people, I don’t necessarily miss the job. That is, given the chance to go back to my old position, I probably wouldn’t. I like the law. I like the extra layer of understanding I possess when I talk about policies impacting our state. 

I’m not sure where that leaves me, except with a strong reminder that I’m still becoming. No matter how stressful this past year, no matter how stressful the coming one, it is not the last chapter. I’ve got people rooting for me. People who trained me, mentored me, and pushed me forward. And right now a new batch of people train, mentor, and push me. But that doesn’t mean the last bunch forgot about me. They’re still my people. I’m just also getting more people. 

More than anything, the evening reminded me that I’m an extrovert and need to spend more time with people who fill me up. 

Which leads me to a major thank you to my introverted mother for sticking around much later than she wanted while I caught up with people. She also had to deal with my giddy rambling on the drive back. My Mom is the real MVP.

An Extrovert’s Night Off

With finals less than a week away and the deadline on my massive paper momentarily extended, I decided to take tonight off. Read. Relax. Clean. Catch up on messages…

But I’m an extrovert so while catching up on messages I ended up inviting someone over to watch a movie which turned into an invitation for an impromptu sleep over which turned into plans for a last minute Wal Mart run…

Homeschooled…Not Shy

Twice today, someone stared at me and said something along the lines of, “You aren’t very shy, are you?”

And twice today, I opened my mouth to deny it but ended up saying, “No, I’m not.” 

The questioners didn’t probe further but if they had, I would have answered, 

“I’m not shy. You see, I was homeschooled.” 

Although homeschooling has become more mainstream, a definite stereotype exists about homeschoolers. And as far as I know, “not shy” is not one of them. (Unless you count socially awkward as not shy?) But really, I owe a great deal of my “non-shyness” to the fact that I was homeschooled. Here are 3 ways homeschooling made me a confident adult:

  1. No peer pressure. From a young age, I learned to like myself for who I was. There was no one to tell me different. Oh, sure, sometimes I felt quirky when around other kids my age. But I also made friends who shared the same interests and values as me, most of them homeschooled too. I think a huge reason I’m “not shy” is that I’m simply confident in who I am, and that is in great part thanks to the early lesson I had in being me. You don’t like me? Your loss! I like me
  2. Friends of all ages. When you don’t spend X number of hours a day with kids the same age as you, you don’t get the false idea that friends must be the same age as you. Old(er) people are your friends. Younger people are your friends. Your siblings are your friends. Your neighbors are your friends. Incidentally, this is one reason I think the “socialization” question is silly. You don’t stop being around people when you are homeschooled. You just get more opportunities to be around different types of people.
  3. Learning to deal with people early on. When you’re homeschooled, everyone has an opinion about your parents’ manner of raising you. Some people are more vocal about it than others. And those people can be very vocal. As far as I know, people don’t feel the need to ask public school kids if they have friends or if they use books. Yet I bet almost any homeschooler has gotten some variety of both those questions…and countless more. So you know what homeschooling taught me? How to deal with rude, well-intended questions. It gives you thick skin. And if you gain that early on, it becomes part of your personality and very little in life can intimidate you. Certainly not strangers. 

I realize this wasn’t everyone’s homeschooling experience. It looks different for every person. But for me, these three reasons represent some of the countless ways I’m grateful for the sacrifices my parents made to educate me at home. I can be “not shy.” I can be me. 

Let It Snowww

Annddddd winter is officially here. I mean, it has been here, but it is snowing so hard now that you don’t leave your house unless you absolutely have to. The blizzard is supposed to last 48 hours. Even though I am an extrovert, I like snow storms. It is a terrific excuse for not going outside or being social or, y’know, seeing people outside of your family. In some houses that might be a problem, but my family gets along pretty well. That and we just got Netflix, so we’ve found a common cause. We’ll be here until Spring.

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