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A Law School Graduation Message

My school apparently decided that next to a physical graduation, the best option for law school graduates would be a slide-show they can share on FB with their picture and a brief message. 

And, oh. The things I wish I could say. At the end of the day, I’m probably going to choose a nice, boring thank you to friends and family. But here is a non-exhaustive list of things I wish I was snarky enough to get away saying on my graduation slide:

  • Three years of my life I will never get back.
  • I wish they would have told me to fix my necklace. [It’s crooked in my graduation photo]
  • I spent a lot of money for this one slide.
  • To all the attorneys who said not to go to law school, you were right.
  • Are we done yet.
  • This goes out to all the relatives who didn’t think I’d make it to college.
  • I read nearly 800 books while attending law school. What’d you do?
  • 20 years ago I announced I would become a lawyer. Be careful what you wish for.
  • Westlaw 4 Ever
  • This is either going to end in alcoholism or world domination. 
  • Just following in my great, great grandpa’s footsteps.
  • “tutti-frutti, argle-bargle, jiggery-pokery” ~ Justice Scalia
  • Law school taught me to appreciate the masterpiece that is Legally Blonde the Musical.
  • I don’t care what you say, administrative law is sexy.
  • Justice Thomas is the G.O.A.T.
  • Hey, look, Mom, I made it!
  • Thanks to the Federalist Society for providing the only sane space on campus
  • “Your dream stinks. I was talking to her.” ~ Hooked Hand Thug in Tangled. 
  • 1L year scared me to death. 2L year worked me to death. 3L year trapped me in my apartment.
  • My home school graduation was way better than this.
  • Shout out to all the law school meme pages for keeping me sane during finals. 
  • I have a juris doctorate. Why does that not make me a doctor? 
  • I came. I saw. I got a B.
  • I never did make it to law prom.
  • My 2 credits of Trusts and Estates does not qualify me to look at your will.
  • I should have known what was coming when I got cold called twice on my first day.
  • Bring back judicial wigs!
  • “No one actually knows what kind of law they want to do anyway,” everyone in law school after asking you what kind of law you want to practice.



I reserve the right to add to this list. Any suggestions for additions? 

Usborne Book Party and Family Time

My sister-in-law held an Usborne Book Party via Facebook tonight. If you have never been to one, it mostly consists of the Usborne Book consultant posting YouTube videos every five minutes and asking “which titles would your little ones like?”

Which makes for a very short conversation if you don’t have little ones. 

But it makes for a very fun conversation when your sisters and Mom (also attending the party, also only buying for the sister in law’s kids) jump on a Facebook video chat. Quality time with my favorite people! 

And seriously, books? My favorite. I probably spent too much money but worth every penny for such perfect gifts  ❤ 

Library Holds: Part 2

Between yesterday and today, about 30 of my holds came in at the library!
No photo description available.

The librarians found my extensive holds funny and posted a picture of me with all of them on Facebook with the following comment:

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and indoor

Meet Amy! She has read 313 books so far this year and has just checked out 30 more to enjoy over winter break! And where does she go to borrow most of these books, you ask? M Community Library, of course! Maybe next year she’ll reach 365 books! Great job, Amy!

So, basically I am now Facebook famous 😉 

FB Friends

“Who is X and why am I friends with him on Facebook?” I ask Bethany.

“I don’t know,” she says. “Law school? Politics? Some politician dude?”

“No, I don’t recognize his face,” I tell her. “But he had a baby. Or his wife did.”

Bethany: “Well, is it a cute baby?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Bethany: “Don’t unfriend him then.”

There you go, folk, why I stay friends on Facebook with people I don’t remember. 


Homeward Bound

Homeward bound. My two favorite words right now! 

If you are reading this, I am (God willing) headed homeeeeeee!!!! (And possibly on an airplane at the moment squashed between strangers and trying to find a decent movie to watch so send a quick prayer for me.)

It is currently Thursday night for me and I plan to schedule this post for all y’all’s [heh heh I speak Southern] Saturday and write a post tomorrow about how I feel about leaving. Right now the answer is emotional but it is also past my bedtime so I would probably react emotionally to anything. Corn on pizza. Finding Nemo. The Great Gatsby. (This does not bode well for the remaining posts I need to write tonight.)

Anyway, for better or worse I plan to write a bunch of posts tonight about my trip to Korea which took place a few weeks ago. They should last a week or two. Meanwhile, I will be headed home and hopefully getting a head start recovering from jet lag. (Otherwise, expect a post or five centered around me whining about being tired.) I apologize in advance for any grammar and spelling errors. I did not plan this out particularly well (but uploading photos to Facebook took longer than expected.)

Depending how many posts I eek out of my five days in Korea and how motivated I feel tonight, I might upload a few book reviews to buy myself a few more days of recovery. We shall see! (I clearly like to live life on the wild side.) 

See you all from the glorious U.S. of A.! 

(Sneak peek of my Korea trip…)

Image may contain: Amy Buchmeyer, smiling, standing, mountain, outdoor and nature

Uploading Photos to Facebook

Before I post them on here, I typically upload photos of my trip to Facebook. It goes like this:

Step 1: *squint at phone and click on a bunch of pictures*

Step 2: *upload pictures and then notice I chose a bunch of blurry ones* 

Step 3: *delete blurry photos and try again*

Step 4: *repeat until successful*

Step 5: *share to Facebook*

Step 6: *realize I forgot to tag the right album and hurriedly delete everything* 

Step 7: *begin Steps 1-4 again*

Step 8: *successfully share to Facebook*

Facebook then plays a game with me called, “How Many Inanimate Objects Can We Auto-Tag Your Face In.”

In other words, it tags me in every single picture. But it does not actually tag me. It claims I am a rock. A tree. A statute of Buddha. A cat. My friend Jasmine. So…

Step 9: *delete tag from every single picture*

Step 10: *retag the correct people* 

Step 11: *admire correctly tagged photos*

Step 12: *review Steps 1-11 and question if I am actually a Millennial* 

Georgette Heyer Appreciation Group

I recently (as in, 3 hours ago) got accepted to a Georgette Heyer Appreciation Group on Facebook. For those of you staring at me blankly, Georgette Heyer wrote novels, predominantly set in the Regency era, and I am an Obsessed Reader.

(No, seriously, I re-read like 19 of her books last year and currently have read 43 of her novels.) 

The first thing the group asks you to do is fill out a questionnaire (should only take an hour, hour and a half!) 

I just completed it. Took me 2 hours. And it was SO MUCH FUN! Because, seriously, who else cares who my Top 5 Heyer Heroes are? Or which her novels are my least favorite? Or which heroine I relate to the most? 

That isn’t even stuff I force you all to read on this blog! 

My first peek at the page has me positively drooling. These people are casually chatting about my Favoritest Books Ever. 

Image result for i think I am going to like it here gif

Voting Dayyyy

This is hilarious but also I’m 93% certain this is what it was like for my siblings growing up with me:

Image may contain: text

Also, happy voting day, peoples! If you forgot there was an election, you’ve clearly not been on Facebook today. Or outside. Or possibly alive for the last two months. There are few things I love more than voting and even I am growing a little weary of the constant reminders. But it looks like Wisconsin has great voter turnout so far!

Now the real question is, do I have the self-control to work on my paper tonight while watching the votes come in? Or will I end up throwing my laptop at the wall? I need to find some election watching buddies.  

October 29th

Today was…challenging. It began with a dead alarm clock & missed meeting and most recently concluded with me cutting my tongue trying to lick the envelope on the absentee ballot my town sent back because my witness failed to put an address on it. Let’s say things didn’t get better in-between.

However, Facebook memories reminded me that October 29th is usually a great day! So here is a quick strolls through some fun memories:

1 Year Ago

I won the undying approval of my neighbor in church this morning by knowing all the words to How Great Thou Art. She introduced me to 6 different people as, “Amy, Who Knows All The Words To How Great Thou Art.”
I didn’t have the heart to tell her I actually just couldn’t find a hymnal so I closed my eyes and did my best!

2 Years Ago:

“BLT is back!!!” shout the Jimmy John’s employees and silently I wonder if I should have gone to Subway instead. 

3 Years Ago:

Bekah’s car rental…

No automatic alt text available.

4 Years Ago:

Article: Even More Terrible Things Are Happening To The American Girl Doll Brand Than You Thought

(Arguably not a happy memory because I love American Girl but memorable.)

5 Years Ago:

Someone put me in charge of directions for touring Bath, England. I believe I’m saying, “This is the middle of the circle.” 

Image may contain: 1 person, tree and outdoor

9 Years Ago:

is leaving for her SAT in VA! Goodbye peoples!

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and text

(SAT would be Student Action Team. I did not travel to Virginia to take the Scholastic Assessment Test.)

Most Liked Photo

For some reason beyond my comprehension, Facebook decided today was a great day to remind me of my most liked photo. It was not – as one might expect – of my face but rather a kind of out of focus…well…see for yourself. 

No automatic alt text available.

That’s it. The pinnacle of my photographic Facebook success. 

(Jokes aside, trying to locate this picture for my post, I was blown away by how many stunning pictures I have from Slovakia. What a trip. It seems longer than 3 years ago)