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Costumed (Part 2)

Some people told me: “nice costume.” Others asked what party I was going to. Still others just looked at me blankly and said “what are you supposed to be?” And a few others still asked for my number. 

It would have been flattering if they would just take no for an answer but I find people who ask you for your number on the bus rarely do take no calmly.

They want to know why they cannot have your number; they ask if you have a boyfriend; they assure you that they think it is ‘super cool’ that you’re in law school. (You can see the desire for free legal advice dancing in their eyes.) And inevitably, when your no remains no, they accuse you of playing hard to get. 

But it occurred to me I could fix this problem if I looked less nice and more scary. So I did my best to do just that.

Either it worked or people felt too cold to bother me. In either case, I felt cool so that’s really what matters. 

Good, Clean Weather

Today is my favorite kind of weather day. Some call it Fall; I call it canvassing weather.

The air is a crisp 52 degrees. The sky is clear. There are doors to be knocked, pavement to be pounded. People to talk to. Elections to be won. 

And here I am, stuck inside a building that reminds me of a factory studying the attorney-client relationship and why putting Japanese in internment camps in WW2 was bad.

Sometimes I question my life decisions. 


In case you were wondering, my allergies have reliably informed me that fall has arrived. 

Canvassing in October 

I love canvassing in October! It is always so beautiful out.

Bring October Back!

As a Wisconsinite, snow in October doesn’t phase me. I don’t mind cold. I can even stand rain. But humidity? 70s and sunny? This weather is so strange!

Yesterday I wore a hoodie. Today I am in shorts and a t-shirt! What is with this! However, it is good for those of us who are canvassing every day. Such beautiful (but strange) weather!

First Day of Fall!!

I noticed yesterday on my commute and today it is official…FALL IS HERE TO STAY! The cornfields are turning brown and the trees are ever so slowly changing color. I turned off the air conditioning at the office today. Google has got a thingy-ma-bob celebrating the first day of Fall. I almost grabbed a sweater. It is official and isn’t it lovely? 

Summer is actually my favorite season, mainly because my birthday is my favorite holiday and that falls in July. However, the air conditioning in my van went out this summer and it has been miserably hot driving that thing around. I’m so ready for cool temperatures! And even better, this is a Fall that contains an election season. I love election season. I love canvassing in the nippy weather and the camaraderie that comes with a good Get Out To Vote campaign. Sure, I might not love the candidates this year, but candidates come and go. The feeling of warmth that comes from friends and exercise and a little rousing political discussion never does! Bring it on!