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Influenza: Day 3

Well, by necessity I’m up and moving today. I attended a meeting this morning, then class, swung into the Law Review office to make edits on our latest publication, led four discussion groups, and now am going to try and get a good chunk a 10-page paper written. (Due tomorrow but cannot do tomorrow since tomorrow is packed.)

I’m not feeling 100% (still on a liquid diet with the occasional saltine cracker to keep my spirits up) but Google says I’m not contagious so I’ve decided to be satisfied with that. I already feel like I’ve missed so much of this week!

My sister Bethany, as noted in my last post, is not the most ideal person to have around when sick. I’m sure she means well. But she is the sort of person who, as I go running to the bathroom to lose the contents of my stomach, looks up from her laptop only long enough to shout:

“You better not get me sick!”

She will go grocery shopping for you if you drive her, which is quite nice of her, but she refuses to buy things she doesn’t see the point in (even if using my money.) For example, I give her the following list:

  • Saltine crackers 
  • Water (Dasani preferred) 
  • Ginger ale
  • An iced green tea
  • Banana

She looks it over. “Geesh, you want the expensive water? And you don’t need saltine crackers, I have almond crackers. And why don’t you just drink my old Snapple? And you don’t eat bananas. Why would I get a banana?”

Me: “Snapple is made with black tea and I’d prefer something lighter but still caffeinated. And while I do not like bananas overly much, they are easy to digest.” 

Bethany: * shakes head*

She emerges from the store with

  • Water (Dasani because they were out of the regular cases of water) 
  • Ginger ale (with an apologetic statement that it is off-brand.)
  • Two bananas

Such queries as, “Did I not put saltine crackers on the list?” meet with an eye roll.

She will, however, demand at various intervals over the next few hours why I have not eaten the bananas yet? What WAS the point in getting them? 

Sisters do keep you humble! 

Driving Miss Amy

8 Years Ago

18-year-old Amy gets behind the steering wheel of the mini van. Her 4 younger siblings sit in the back. Parents wave from the doorway. 

10-year-old Elijah: *waves to parents with a long-suffering sigh*  “At least we will see them in heaven.” 

Present Day

*I teach Elijah to drive*

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Happy Birthday, Devin!

It is my nephew’s first birthday!! Hard to believe a year has passed already. He remains one of the most loved little boys in the world. An adorable chunker! 

I know nothing of babies. But somehow, all the women in the family seem to know a great deal so most conversations this past year have gone something like this:

Sister-in-law: “He is growing his second tooth.”

Me: “…Oh? Is it…the right time for him to do that?”

Younger Sister #1: *in tones of great disgust* “Of course it is!”

Younger Sister #2: “When else would he grow it?”

Sister-in-law: “He is walking now.”

Me: “…Oh? Isn’t it a little soon for that?”

Mom: “No, this is about when they walk.”

Aunt: “Yes, definitely within the right time.”

Sister-in-law: “He is eating solids.”

Me: “Ah, well, that makes sense.”

Mom: “No, actually, it is unusually early for him to eat as much as he does.”

Younger Sister #2: “How do you not know this?”


Belated Siblings Day

My siblings and I always celebrate Siblings Day on October 10. We know there is an official one that falls at some point in the spring. However, we picked October 10 years ago for a very strategic reason. (No opportunities for presents after Elijah’s birthday in August and Christmas in December.)

We don’t always get the opportunity to be together so it was extra special that our schedules aligned only three days late this year.  Happy Siblings Day to us!

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Better Than Goodwill

My aunt has a saying: “Shop at home first.”

Bethany and I drove into Milwaukee today to visit our grandparents. We planned to hit Goodwill on the way but ran out of time.

Good thing too because by the time we left Grandma and Grandpa’s my car was too full for anything else. What with a desk and punch bowl and decorations and tea set…

And the best part is not just that we got it free (which it would not be at Goodwill!) The best part is that everything has a story. From great, great grandparents to wedding gifts to semi-recent rummage purchases, each item comes with a story that continues with us.

So thank you to all the relatives that have helped furnish my apartment. My sister and I are daily surrounded by gifts and love. ❤️

Sunday With Family

Today all my family went to my brother’s church to hear him preach his first sermon. All of us. We haven’t been in one place together since January, maybe December. Sam did a terrific job on the sermon; it was convicting and powerful. The church was wrapping up a sermon series on ‘Heroes and Villains of the Bible’ and Sam spoke on Adam and Eve and the masks we all wear. 

(There is a picture of all of us siblings together but none of us like it–sorry, Mom–so I’m not sharing.) 

Rounded out the day with quality time with my nephew! Aunt life is the best.

Happy Summer Memories

Some days I stare at my computer and wonder what the heck to write about. (If you ever wonder which days those are, look to the ones where I talk about books. Books are my inevitable go-to for inspiration.) Other days, I seem to drown in things to say. As this happens to be one of those days where I cannot seem to pick which thing to settle on, here are three happy summer memories that occurred over the last few days:

  • I got to see Ginnie and her kids. Ginnie and I have been friends since high school (maybe middle school in my case) and I am always grateful to see her. Old friends who continue to stick around are some of the best people out there. And if she was not enough, Ginnie has 3 adorable children! We took them to the Madison’s Children’s Museum and had a lovely time. I highly recommend the place. 
  • Friday night I saw my nephew AND went to a neighborhood bonfire! Both proved super fun. One of the neighbors is my age and also entering her 3L year of law school. It is always fun to compare notes and bemoan our life decisions. 
  • Finally…I attended a birthday party for my  cousins! I got to see family and celebrate three of my amazing cousins (plus my brother) last night. They all continue to age at a rapid pace. Delightful company and food…what is not to love?