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Thankful Thursday

I feel a little corny doing a thankful Thursday post, but I guess we could all use it. Things I’m thankful for:

  • How easily both my jobs transitioned online (especially the more I see about people being laid off or losing their jobs.)
  • How easily my schooling transitioned online.
  • The fact that I live in a big apartment (I’d be going crazy in a studio.)
  • The fact that I live with my sister (she hides in her room all day but at least I get some extrovert time.)
  • All my online friends (in high school all my friends were online, and I’m grateful for how easy it is to pick back up friendships that way.)
  • How packed my freezer is.
  • YouTube (because videos parodying famous songs and adding quarantine lyrics are GOLD right now.) 
  • My tax return (’cause that just arrived and I like $$$.)
  • The fact that I can hair-pin-lace while listening to my class lectures. 
  • Calls from relatives (HI GRANDMA!)
  • The fact that my friend and her husband have a bet on how many books I’ll read during quarantine ’cause that’s super incentivizing. (They only count since yesterday, though, so I’m at 2.)
  • All 399 followers of this blog.

Cousin Time

Two of my cousins saved my extroverted soul by coming to hang out for the day. We attempted to sew some more stuffed animals (or at least, I attempted. They succeeded), watched Love and Friendship, and played a rollicking game of Marrying Mr. Darcy. 

It was utterly delightful. 

Women’s Conference

My Mom, sisters, sister-in-law, and I all went to a women’s conference today. The speakers included Megan Fate Marshman and Amena Brown. I also attended breakout sessions about friendship, the enneagram, and hospitality. It was a really lovely conference and I particularly enjoyed being there with the awesome ladies in my family! ❤ 

Image may contain: 5 people, including Anna Buchmeyer, Amber Marie Buchmeyer, Elizabeth Buchmeyer and Bethany Buchmeyer

Little Women (2019)

Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Eliza Scanlen in Little Women (2019)

I saw Little Women yesterday in theaters with my Mom, Signe, and Bethany.  Though I had my hesitations going in, I was was overall impressed with the movie. 

It does a good job with the Little Women story. As an ardent fan of K Dramas and BBC mini-series, I definitely felt it could have used more development. I thought Meg’s story line in particular needed more development and that the actress who plays Amy had too deep a voice to play a young teenager. Laurie never aged and remained wishy-washy till the end. But overall, it was well done.

The movie touches on many of the iconic scenes from the book. But it mixes them up in new ways. It had lovely costuming. And more importantly, it contained several memorable scenes that I think beautifully added to the story. (Jo’s loneliness being a particularly poignant one.) 

I certainly want to see it again and recommend watching it if you haven’t already. But if you did see it, what are your thoughts? 

Sunday Night Rambles

I planned on blogging about the movie Little Women tonight, but turns out I left my computer at home so I am writing this post from my phone. And it is difficult to convey much from a phone.

Plus, I am tired.

It was a long weekend. Good to see family. Good to celebrate the life of Grandma Bea. She was an incredible lady.

And now it is good to be back in my apartment and preparing for the week. A very long week. But Spring break is not far off and with it a variety of fun plans!

Until then (or at least, until tomorrow), have a good night everyone.

You Raise Me Up

Goodbyes <3

Today and tomorrow we celebrate the life of my Grandma Bea. Prayers appreciated. 

(The only photo I can find with her central!)