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Library Holds

The longer I live away from my home town, the more unlikely this is, but I sometimes think the librarians back home know when finals end for me. 

Like, the ground starts rumbling. 

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And tremors and shaking begin. 

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And somewhere in my home town, one of the librarians turns to the other librarian and is like, “Ah, Amy’s coming back.”

At least that is what I imagine happens when they see I’ve put 40 books on hold in one morning. 

FINALly Done

It is official: 24 hour finals are truly terrible things. 

It is not that the exam itself “takes” 24 hour. There are not 1400 short answer questions or anything. It is just that it is hard and so you spend the whole 24 hours second-guessing the answer you put down because it does not feel like enough.

From start to finish, I took 21 hours but that does include 9 hours of sleep.

But it is finished and I am halfway through 3L year!

Sort of. I kid you not, just as I clicked “upload” on my exam I got an e-mail from the professor I TA for asking where I was at with grading the students’ finals because they are due ASAP.

No rest for the wicked. 

Still In Finals

A couple people recently asked if I was done with finals. 

Alas, I’ve still got one more to go. 

It is a 24 hour take home, which basically means I start the test and have 24 hours to finish. The professor claims you can reasonably do it in 6 hours. Everyone I have talked to says…they took all 24.

I don’t know how you do an exam in 24 hours. How do you stay awake? How do you feel at all confident in what you are turning in?

So, I am vastly intimated. It doesn’t help that I have till Friday at the very latest to take the exam. I keep studying for it as if that will somehow makes things clear. But besides the test itself, I find the subject quite hard to wrap my mind around. 

Image result for i don't even know what I don't know

I guess this means I just need to bite the bullet and take the exam but surely one more day of studying…?

Two Finals Down

I just finished my second final: an 8-hour Immigration Law take home.

Am currently surviving on law school memes and V8 Energy Drinks. 

Only one final left: a 24 hour Evidence exam. That is all that stands between me and Christmas break.

Well, that and class tomorrow, reading the book for class tomorrow, four discussion groups, proctoring an exam, grading said exam, and cleaning this apartment. 

One Final Down..

Can we all just agree that math doesn’t belong in law school? There is a reason we’re all law students and not engineers. (Okay, some engineers do go to law school, but they’re all going to be patent lawyers and are their own, odd breed.)

For the rest of us….math is just torture. My final today had math on it. It was a multiple choice exam and I’d faithfully plug the equation into my calculator and get an answer that did not resemble any of the options. 

Which is basically what I spent 2.5 hours doing. 

But at least I had a vague understanding of what was going on. I exited the final and asked someone who took it with me how he thought he did with the equations. He looked startled and went, “What equations?!”

Point of the Semester Where All I Know Are Memes

These will probably make no sense but basically my life is one long law school meme for the next few weeks. Also, I belong to a lot of meme pages. And finding these was more fun than studying.

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But most accurately me right now…

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Perverse Productivity

I have a final this upcoming Saturday and I really don’t want to study for it.

I don’t want to study for it so much that yesterday I finished writing my paper that isn’t due for several days yet.

I don’t want to study so much I deep cleaned my apartment with my sister today.

I don’t want to study so much I graded all my students’ tests. 

I don’t want to study so much I’ve read and given feedback on two of my sister’s papers. 

And of course I’ve slept and read a lot!

It is amazing what you can all do when you’re avoiding doing the one thing you should do.