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I like to think I can handle just about anything I encounter here in Thailand. Public toilets without plumbing? Sleeping on a bamboo floor? Rice at every meal? No problem!

But I have one first world problem that despite great efforts, I cannot seem to get over: I cannot stand all the fruit with seeds. 

Watermelon? Seeds. Grapes? Seeds. Rambutan? Seeds. Bananas? Seeds. (Well, one large seed that maybe was actually a rock.) Canned black olives? Seeds.

I know. It is the most petty thing in the world. But when I nearly lose a molar biting down on a canned black olive, well, it puts me in a less than cheerful mood. I don’t expect it. I don’t expect seeds in my grapes. Or that my watermelon smoothie will come with crushed black specks. Or that whatever Thai fruit I am trying will become an experiment in nibbling the edible part away from the very inedible seed. 

It truly makes me feel like a spoiled American. And yet I must confess, seeds are my nemesis.  

WiFi: A Bad Haiku

Having WiFi is

Black coffee, a hot shower

Fresh air, peace of mind.