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Final Pics and the Flight Back

Biking along the beach, swimming in the pool, Thai massages, exploring the night market…Kaylie and I did it all but did not take many pictures so I cannot show it off! Frankly, it was just a delightful, relaxing vacation in a gorgeous location. 

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Image may contain: sky, tree, cloud, ocean, outdoor and nature

And then we had to fly back. 

It did not go so well.

The problem? We listened to our resort. And our resort told us we did not need the taxi driver to pick us up till 2 hours before the flight left. They were adamant about it. Krabi has such a small airport…we figured, they must know what they are talking about.

And that is how, with an hour till our flight left, we found ourselves waiting in a supppppper long line to get our tickets. And waiting and waiting and waiting. 

It did not matter as much to me if we missed our flight, but poor Kaylie needed to catch a connecting flight home and if we missed this flight, all her other flights would fall through. And everything moved so. slowly.

To distract myself, I started chatting with the guy in line behind us. He was an American and a personal chef of a couple from Arizona. Apparently, they just bring him along whenever they traveled. They gave him a day off so he decided to fly to Krabi. Except (get this–private chef, mind) he hates Thai food so he spent the entire day within the vicinity of a McDonalds! He did not get to see much and overall found the place disappointing.

We then realized he was in the wrong line entirely. 

Thankfully, Kaylie and I finally got our tickets, zipped through security, and found our gate in record time. They had just started boarding. The flight back was a breeze and once again…they fed us a full meal!

Flight to Krabi

Getting Kaylie to Thailand turned into a huge hassle. Flight delays meant she missed her connecting plane in Shanghai and ended up staying the night there. 

When she did arrive, I was at the wrong place to meet her and we spent a good 20 minutes trying to locate one another. 

And THEN our taxi ended up getting into a fender bender with another vehicle which turned into a hit and run! 

 (not actually our taxi driver but the overpriced tuk tuk we took for the tourist experience.)

So needless to say, after such inauspicious traveling, I was a little worried about our flight to Krabi. 

I needn’t have. I think it was the easiest flight I have ever taken. Security went by like a dream. We boarded without any effort. Even though the flight was only an hour, they fed us an entire meal. And then we landed and exited without a problem. Our hotel driver was waiting for us. We reached our destination and checked in early without a problem. 

I mean, seriously. I still feel like I imagined the entire thing. And wait till you see our hotel!


I am back from Mae Sot! I had a great trip and got to peer into Myanmar/Burma (looks a lot like Mae Sot! Or maybe Mae Sot looks like Burma?) 

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This post is partially to let you all know I am back safely and partially to “road map” my next few blog posts. I plan a profusion of posts about my weekend adventures, but I am actually going to schedule them for next week. A friend of mine is flying in from the United States and we are headed to Krabi for my Spring break!

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Beaches here I come!

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Since I am not sure how much time I will have for posting, I plan to take her trip “off” and I’ll schedule everything beforehand. I will then post about my Krabi experience in May, when I go on another trip! Can you guess where?

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Lots of adventures secondhand coming your way! Thank you all for reading!

Delays and Layovers

I’ve flown 8 times since May and each one contained some form of delay or difficulty. My flight back to Wisconsin proved no different. No sooner did I check in for my flight then I learned it was delayed…2 hours.

I gave myself a 3 hour layover in Chicago because stuff like this happens to me regularly. Even with the 2 hour delay, I expected a stroll to my next gate. But then it got pushed back again. 

What should have been a nice, long, boring layover in Chicago became a breathless dash to make my connecting flight. I did make it, though! And I conclude that from now on I must schedule at least a 6 hour layover between flights. 

Flight Update

I am too old for all-nighters. 

They did cancel my flight yesterday…at 9:30 pm. I then waited two hours in line to be told the next flight to Colorado Springs left Thursday. Not an ideal situation. They could get me to Denver, but that meant going from the Dulles to Reagan airport. There was one seat left on the flight that left at 7 am.

I jumped at it. To the airline’s credit, they offered to put me up in a hotel. However, by the time I made it over to Reagan, it was past midnight and security opened in 4.5 hours. I decided it was not worth jumping through all the hoops of finding a hotel. 

Instead, I did what any self-respecting bookworm does. I camped out in the corner and read through 5 detective novels, upping my weekend total to 10 finished books. 

I did nap for about 90 minutes on the plane but otherwise I passed a good 26 hours without sleep and let me tell you, that is not an experience I want to repeat any time soon. 

Flights to Colorado Springs

For the third time this summer I sit at an airport headed to Colorado Springs. And for the third time this summer, my flight gets pushed back later and later until I wonder if they will cancel it altogether.

As I have flown 3 separate airlines from 3 separate locations to get to 1 destination, the common denominator seems to be…me. I guess on the bright side, I get a lot of reading in.

Rental Cars, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Indian food

Guess who just returned her rental car? This girl! No dents, dings, or damage…or fee for before under 25 which I am still very excited about.

I was a little too paranoid about getting to the airport on time. I do not even have a gate yet. I did have a lovely morning, however. I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2! It definetely exceeded my admittedly limited expectations. I loved the first one and the second movie does a great job continuing to develop the characters without making it feel like they are backtracking. This isn’t a rehash of the first movie…it really feels like an original, reasonable adventure that the Guardians would have. Thank goodness for the break in origin stories! (And new heroes.) By the end, I might have even shed tears. Maybe. You can’t prove anything.

Last night after blogging I went out for Indian food which was fun DESPITE the judgemental looks I got from my waitress for needing more water to eat my mild masala. It was so good, though!

My adventures are now coming to an end. This was a fun, worthwhile trip. Now to find a corner to nap in before my flight takes off…