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Quarantine Shopping

I am, admittedly, an unfocused shopper on the best of days. Add the pressure of a possible weeks-long shut down and it doesn’t get any better. There is just so much added pressure! I start questioning everything. 

Like, do I need milk? Granted, Bethany and I never drink milk and usually get almond milk because regular milk spoils on us. But what if we need milk in the next two weeks? 

Or bread? We still haven’t finished the last loaf we got a month ago but…I mean, bread is a necessity, right? 

Eggs? I have lots of eggs. Maybe I need more eggs.

Canned beats? Those sound super important. Probably. 

Banana peppers? I don’t have any of those. 

Do I need baking goods? Bethany and I have never baked but maybe we need flour and sugar. You never know. 

Cheese? No such thing as too much cheese. 

Toilet paper? Nah, none of that available anyway.

What even are essential staples anyway? Pringles? French bread? Ice cream? 

Eventually, I just give up and just buy frozen pizza. 


Packed Lunch

I felt really good about myself this morning. I packed a lunch. 

Well, I threw the fixings of a sandwich into a Wal Mart bag. But those are elements of a lunch, right? So, basically, I packed a lunch today and won’t survive off of peanuts and protein bars. Score

Sure, I forgot the sliced tomato and lettuce. 

But I have ham and cheese and hummus!

Except you know what I don’t have?


I forgot bread. 

I am not very good at packing lunch.

Korean Food in Madison

My sister and I have officially found our go-to place for Korean food in Madison: New Seoul Restaurant.

It is tiny and authentic only in a way a place run by two people can be. (Total supposition but from what we can tell the owner waits tables while his wife cooks in the back!) The menu looked like something I would find in Korea and the food was delicious.

And the kimchi? Probably some of the best I have ever had.

We liked it so much we had a long discussion about the merits of moving closer. (Pros: delicious Korean food. Con: there goes our budget.)

Really Supportive Qdoba Employee

Bethany and I went to Qdoba for dinner tonight. She got a normal employee. I got a cheerleader. 

Qdoba Employee (QE): “What can I get you today?”

Me: “Burrito bowl, please.”

QE: “Excellent decision. White beans?”

I was about to ask for black beans but glancing through the glass I realized there weren’t any black beans, just pinto beans. “Surreeee,” I said.

But the QE noticed my hesitation. He turned to his co-worker who was refilling the black beans. “You TOOK THE BEANS SHE WANTED. Give those back. She’s getting black beans.” 

*QE begins dumping chicken into my bowl*


“You want chicken?”

Me: “Yep.”

QE: “Oh good, because I couldn’t remember what meat you asked for. Veggies or queso?”

Me: “Both.”

QE: “Danggggg. One or two scoops of guacamole?” 

Me: “Two.”

QE: “AWESOME. Chips?”

Me: “Uh…”

QE: “You want chips. They come with the burrito bowl.”

Then, seeing his co-coworker’s eye-roll, “HEY, I like to be encouraging, okay?”

In Which I Cook. Sort of.

I do not cook often and when I do it generally means I have a bunch of things in the fridge that I feel obliged to use up. Like tofu.

Sometimes, this works well. I learned how to make kimchi fried rice and that usually takes care of a lot of leftover ingredients. Other times…it works less well. And still other times (i.e. tonight), it looks gross but tastes okay. 

Well, it tasted overpoweringly of garlic, but I like garlic so I consider that okay. Whether or not I will convince Bethany to try a bite when she comes home is another story. 

But we had tofu and eggs that were starting to go bad and loads of broth from when I had the stomach flu so I mixed it all together. I dumped a ton of garlic in a pot, added the weird vegan broth, added an entire block of tofu, and concluded with three eggs. It made for a very interesting mixture. The consistency was not quite soup-like because there was so much tofu but tofu isn’t exactly chewy so it still was a mushy combination. 

And did I mention it mostly just tasted like garlic? 

At the same time, looking over that ingredient list, I feel super healthy. So it has that going for it. And it wasn’t as bad as my potatoes and pasta fiasco junior year of college so anything that tops that is a winner in my book.

The Chicken

“The chicken!” exclaims Bethany at 9 pm. 

I look at her in horror, suddenly realizing we left it the oven for over an hour when we only meant to warm it up!

“When did you turn on the oven?” I ask.

“I didn’t!” she says, “didn’t you?”

“No, I thought I asked you to turn on the oven!”

“No, I asked you to!”

We turn to the oven. It remains stone cold. But at this point, neither of us wants to eat. We snacked on hummus and chips while waiting for the chicken to cook. Or really, not cook.

So, no real dinner for us. On the bright side, we didn’t burn the apartment down. 

Roommate Perks

Cold, wet, rainy, and dark. Not an ideal combination for arriving home after being gone 10 hours. But what do I find when I walk inside?

My sister made dinner.

And not like when I make dinner, which would be frozen pizza. She made shrimp and asparagus and rice. 

There are many perks to living with my sister. I’m beginning to see why people get married.