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I Speak Football

We’ve been discussing Herodotus’s Histories in the class I TA for. (In other words, the plot of the movie 300.) As part of the discussion, we talked about the importance of honor going to the city state instead of the individual. We also talked about the importance for Spartan soldiers not to break rank (either for cowardice or glory) since doing so endangered the soldiers fighting beside them. 

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At this point, the professor inserts a football example. 

“Take *football player I do not know*. He’s a great player but he thinks the game revolves around him. No one likes that guy.” 

A few people nod. A few look confused. As a football coach’s daughter, I feel obliged to nod and look like I am personally acquainted with this player. ‘Yeah! What a jerk. I mean, come on.‘ 

Then comes discussion groups. Sports are actually a pretty great analogy for this topic. Soldiers don’t run to battle in formation any more, but football players do. Hence the desire for “team players.” 

To help illustrate the point, I decided to draw the Spartan formation on the board like a football play. I figure I’d seen enough of them. Just use Xs and Os!



Then an arrow that shows one X charging ahead leaving a gap in the ranks. Simple!


Except my plan backfired. Non-athletes took one look at the board and glazed over. Actual athletes took one look at the board and couldn’t figure out what my scribbles meant. Turns out I cannot draw football plays. 

For the next discussion group I focused on an orchestra: “Doesn’t matter how beautifully the violinist plays, if it isn’t the current symphony, it isn’t going to work.” 

Thankfully no one called me out on how little I know about orchestra. 

What do a city bus at rush-hour and the NFL have in common?

Riddle me this: What do a city bus at rush-hour and the NFL have in common?

Answer: Lots and lots of physical contact. 

I was thinking today as I shoved my way from the back of the crowded bus to the door, “This would be much easier if I were built like a lineman.” 

In other news, I finally rode on a bus with a wooden floor. And by bus I mean clown car, since the driver packed so many of us in there the doors could not even shut. But it was an experience and I’m now intimately and uncomfortably acquainted with quite a few strangers I will hopefully never see again.

Overall, though, I have to say, buses with wooden floors let me down. I thought they would be quite an adventure. Instead, they’re just like every other bus except with fewer seats, no air conditioning, and, well, wooden floors that look vaguely like someone’s idea of flooring from the 70’s. 

Badger Game!

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I had a BLAST today at the Badger Game with my brother! Who knew football could be so fun to watch? 

Football and Road Maintenance

“How would you rate the roads in Wisconsin?” I ask the lady on the other side of the line. 

“Well, Green Bay is horrible,” she answers firmly.

For a moment I am baffled. What do the Packers have to do with road maintenance? My imagination takes over. Maybe she is a Bears fan! And blames everything on the Packers! Or…something. I’m at a loss.

Then I notice her location. She lives in Green Bay. 


The end of the season

The Packers lost. 😢

On the bright side, my newsfeed on Facebook was momentarily flooded with football talk instead of political rants. It was a welcome break.  I also got a lot of cheese at the Packer party I attended and I love cheese. So that was good. 

But losing is sad. Oh well, there is always next year! 

You Know You Live in Wisconsin When…

You can hear every time the Packers get a touchdown because your windows are open and all the neighbors are loudly watching. 

We are celebrating a lot this game.

Go Pack Go!