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It was a day.

It was a good day.

It was a weird day.

It was a three cups of coffee day.

It was a ‘I shocked my 25-year-old brother by sending him a meme with a bad word in it day.’

It was a ‘my boss decided he didn’t feel like working so he didn’t come in today day.’

It was a ‘I found out I got a job interview day.’

It was Friday.

(Also, it is not yet 5 pm?!)

When Friday Is Saturday

Despite the fact that I have not had class on a Friday all semester, Fridays always confuse me. My brain tells me I have a day with no commitments. I assume it means Saturday. Every time I get a snapchat from someone at work, I feel confused. Why work on the weekend…? 

And then Friday draws to an end and I feel a stab of failure. I did not get enough done. Tomorrow will be Sunday and then it will be Monday and what do I have to show…

Oh. There is a whole other day in there. I can get stuff done tomorrow! 

(Except I never do seem to get enough done.)

What baffles me is that after weeks of this, my brain never seems to remember I have a three day weekend.  Instead of:

Image result for friday gif

I’m always:

Image result for confused gif

Theoretically this makes me more productive? 


I forgot to do a Tuesday teaser on Tuesday and I probably won’t do one this coming Tuesday so I’m doing a Teaser Friday…I just couldn’t resist with this book. 

Image result for unspoken by sarah rees brennan


“Hark,” he said, his tone very dry. “What stone through yonder window breaks?”
Kami yelled up at him, “It is the east, and Juliet is a jerk!”
Jared abandoned Shakespeare and demanded, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“Throwing a pebble,” said Kami defensively. “Uh… and I’ll pay for the window.”
Jared vanished and Kami was ready to start shouting again, when he reemerged with the pebble clenched in his fist. “This isn’t a pebble! This is a rock.”
“It’s possible that your behaviour has inspired some negative feelings that caused me to pick a slightly overlarge pebble,” Kami admitted.


This book was a blast to read. The characters smash YA stereotypes and the dialogue is hilarious and witty. I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel!