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I Want A Cat

I am visiting my friend in Minnesota this weekend and falling in love with her cat. Its name is Edo.

She also has a dog named Tux.

They are TuxEdo.

The cat is currently entertaining herself with a fake mouse. She casually pretends she cannot see it and then bats it away before chasing it across the room. Or casually picks it up and flings it.

This confuses the dog who then comes over to investigate and gets swatted by the cat 1/7th his size.

Entertainment for hours.

I have to admit, though, most of the reason I enjoy hanging with both pets is because they have a really good pet owner who makes them mind her. And I realize that as charming as they are, I probably would not be as excellent an owner. So instead of getting one, I am just going to keep playing with hers.

Watching Oral Arguments

One of the former interns at the Foundation where I work swung by today to look up some paperwork. She is also a 3L and her article is also getting published by the Wisconsin Law Review this semester. She took over for me as president at the Federalist Society. We have a lot in common. 

Our boss (former boss, in her case) recently did an oral argument before the Wisconsin Supreme Court and someone in the office tipped us off that we could watch it on WisconsinEye. So we did. It was quite eye-opening. To be perfectly blunt, we were both shocked at how poorly some of the oral arguments went. (Not our boss, of course. He was great.) But some of the other presenters routinely interrupted the justices, didn’t know the answer to basic questions, or took a condescending tone when explaining the law. 

It was a very crystallizing moment for me. Not just because my friend and I realized ‘hey, even we could do that!’ But sitting there, talking to my friend about our upcoming publications, watching an oral argument about a brief we both helped write, I realized…I finally feel like a 3L. It isn’t that I’m a full-fledged attorney yet. But in a year I will be. 

Maybe someday my friend and I will argue before the Wisconsin Supreme Court together. Or even sit on the court. Or maybe we will go our opposite ways and totally lose contact. But for a moment, I did not feel like we were watching as clueless students, only half sure of what was going on. We watched as colleagues, knowledgeable and passionate about the law, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of our boss’s presentation. (I mean, what weaknesses? There were no weaknesses.) And I am looking forward to more of that. I realized…

There is a light at the end of this law school tunnel! 

12 Hours Off

My last day, I met up with a friend for a quick lunch before heading to the airport. My flight left at 6 pm. Or so I thought. 

Turns out, in my eagerness to leave Bangkok, I somehow confused the times. I didn’t leave till 6 am the next day. 

Which left me a whole night with no place to go and three huge suitcases. 

Thankfully, I made this discovery at lunch and my friend kindly offered to let me crash at her apartment. Thailand, as per usual, was not going to let me go without a traffic jam. We hailed a taxi for the 40 minute trip to her apartment…

And arrived 3 hours later. 

It ended up working out, however. My friend helped me repack my suitcases and we watched movies and walked around her local mall. She was flying out a week later also to move back home to the U.S. so it was a day of goodbyes for both of us. 

I made it to the airport by 2 am and managed to stay awake till I boarded my flight.

It all feels very symbolic, in a way. I showed up too early. A friend reached out her hand and helped pull me out of my confusion and anxiety. Traffic made things messy. It all worked out in the end. 

And that it did. It all worked out in the end. 

The Most Beautiful Temple in Korea

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple 해동 용궁사

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On Saturday Jasmine and I visited the self-proclaimed “Most Beautiful Temple in Korea.”

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It was gorgeous. 

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We timed the visit right after Buddha’s birthday and the temple was decorated with lanterns to celebrate. 

No photo description available.

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The best part was absolutely the view, though. 

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Even the statutes looked happy here.

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Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor(Okay, maybe not him)

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Meet Jasmine.

Meet my friend Jasmine.

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I previously alluded to her in my post about visiting Korea. We hung out with the same group of friends in college and our sophomore year she helped get me hooked on Korean dramas. 

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She was also one of the first people to support my dream (both financially and emotionally) of studying abroad at Oxford University. 

She has lived in India and visited I don’t know how many other cool places around the world since then. And almost exactly two years ago, she moved to Korea to teach English. 

And I got to visit her! Visiting Korea would be amazing under any context, but it made it extra fun that I got to explore it with a dear friend! 

Uploading Photos to Facebook

Before I post them on here, I typically upload photos of my trip to Facebook. It goes like this:

Step 1: *squint at phone and click on a bunch of pictures*

Step 2: *upload pictures and then notice I chose a bunch of blurry ones* 

Step 3: *delete blurry photos and try again*

Step 4: *repeat until successful*

Step 5: *share to Facebook*

Step 6: *realize I forgot to tag the right album and hurriedly delete everything* 

Step 7: *begin Steps 1-4 again*

Step 8: *successfully share to Facebook*

Facebook then plays a game with me called, “How Many Inanimate Objects Can We Auto-Tag Your Face In.”

In other words, it tags me in every single picture. But it does not actually tag me. It claims I am a rock. A tree. A statute of Buddha. A cat. My friend Jasmine. So…

Step 9: *delete tag from every single picture*

Step 10: *retag the correct people* 

Step 11: *admire correctly tagged photos*

Step 12: *review Steps 1-11 and question if I am actually a Millennial* 

Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea)

Next to the sunset cruise, the main recommendation Kaylie and I received for the Ultimate Krabi Tourist Experience was a trip to see the Tiger Cave Temple. Only 1,237 steps for a gorgeous 360-degree panoramic view of Krabi, we were told. A 1 hour hike tops, we were told. A must do, we were told.

Let me tell you how it went:

Yeah, not so well. 

2 hours of climbing steep, steep stairs and questioning every life decision we ever made, we finally made it to the top. And it was gorgeous. But I’m still not sure it was worth all the sweat and misery! Still, you can now enjoy some pictures because we made the trek!

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Image may contain: outdoor (a strangely threatening sign)

Image may contain: 1 person, plant and outdoor(only when we finally got down did I realize the statute at the start was flipping all of us suckers off)