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Dragon Fruit

“This IS a dragon fruit, isn’t it?” I demand of Bethany after Wal Mart’s self-checkout refuses to acknowledge it for the third time.

The Wal Mart employee who has been hovering for the last five minutes (does she think I’m going to steal the thing?) responds instead, “Oh, it is indeed! That is a dragon fruit!”

She politely pushes me aside and begins to type in, “Dr…”


She looks up all the fruit in D. All the fruit in R. All the fruit under fruit.

Dragon fruit is nowhere to be found.

She manually looks up the code for dragon fruit and types it in. Nothing! 

She tries a back, employees-only route for typing in fruit and tries again. Nothing.

We send Bethany to go look up the price. After a second, the Wal Mart employee turns to me, “How much do you think it was?”

I cannot even ballpark guess but I sheepishly suspect more than I wanted to pay. “$2.50?” I offer.

“$2.00 it is,” she says. 

At that moment Bethany shouts from the other side of check out, “$3.99!”

The employee smiles and ignores her. I walk away triumphant with my dragon fruit.

I ate loads of dragon fruit in Thailand. I find it fresh, sweet, and hydrating so I was pretty excited to enjoy it tonight.

It tasted pretty blah after the fresh stuff I was used to in Thailand. Apparently my allergies agreed because five bites in and my tongue began to swell. 

I am currently pumped up on antihistamine feeling disgusted that dragon fruit appears to be going the way of mango and pineapple. Dang allergies.


I like to think I can handle just about anything I encounter here in Thailand. Public toilets without plumbing? Sleeping on a bamboo floor? Rice at every meal? No problem!

But I have one first world problem that despite great efforts, I cannot seem to get over: I cannot stand all the fruit with seeds. 

Watermelon? Seeds. Grapes? Seeds. Rambutan? Seeds. Bananas? Seeds. (Well, one large seed that maybe was actually a rock.) Canned black olives? Seeds.

I know. It is the most petty thing in the world. But when I nearly lose a molar biting down on a canned black olive, well, it puts me in a less than cheerful mood. I don’t expect it. I don’t expect seeds in my grapes. Or that my watermelon smoothie will come with crushed black specks. Or that whatever Thai fruit I am trying will become an experiment in nibbling the edible part away from the very inedible seed. 

It truly makes me feel like a spoiled American. And yet I must confess, seeds are my nemesis.  

Papaya v. Mango

“Excuse me, is this a papaya or mango?” I ask the store clerk as I hand her the unidentifiable green fruit. If a papaya, I just found a delicious fruit on sale. If mango…well, I just found one of my worst allergies.

“Mango,” she informs me. 

Regretfully, I tell her I do not want it and hand her my other purchases. She shouts something in Thai but I’m too busy counting out my change to pay much attention. And then someone walks over with a huge green fruit and hands it to her. 

And that is how I ended up buying an organic papaya the size of my head.