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The Blessings of Old Friends

“It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Or if I could reword, “It is one of the blessings of old friends that they have seen at you at your stupidest and still associate with you.”

I was reminded of that last night at the Gen J gala. 8 years ago I attended as a camper. 4 years ago I was a counselor. Now I am a community member coming to help out. 

Last night was a blast. I don’t have any pictures, but here is a snapshot of me 8 years ago with my pals. They saw me at my stupidest and still associate with me ❤ At least most of the time.

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Right Wisconsin Awards Gala

One of my favorite parts of attending the Right Wisconsin Awards ceremony was the chance to see Congressman Reid Ribble receive the Conservative of the  Year award. In 2010, I was part of a team of teenagers sent up to Green Bay, WI to help get him elected. 

It was a wonderful experience and definitely one of the highlights of my senior year. 

Seeing him recieve the award was an encouraging reminder that elections are important and sometimes we get it right and elect a really great guy.  

I also had the awesome opportunity to see my friend and co-worker, Melissa Moss, recive the Right Women To Watch Award. She is fighting a true battle in La Crosse and definitely deserves the recognition. She remains a firm reminder that as important as elections are, they don’t define our direction. Concerned, active, aware citizens can and will change the course of a country. 

Sneak peek of the gala!

(The event went later than I expected, so this is all you are getting tonight! To bed for me!)

My Mom is my Fairy Godmother

Today I found out quite unexpectedly that I was invited to a fancy gala tomorrow night. Even though all I have to do is show up, the prep to get to the part where I show up is incredible. I have to find a dress, shoes, accessories, figure out my hair, etc. This is a black tie event! Lots of details.

I hate details. 

Thankfully, my Mom swooped in and saved the day. She let me try on her dresses, found accessories, and basically suggested or figured out everything else. She pulled me together. I am so grateful to have a Mom like her!! 

I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow.