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Marrying Mr. Darcy

Last year I bought my sister the game Marrying Mr. Darcy. This year my brother bought her the Marrying Mr. Darcy Undead Expansion Pack. 

Image result for marrying mr darcy undead expansion pack

10/10 definitely recommend. (And not just because I won playing as Mary Bennet 😉 ) We played with our cousins and it was SO MUCH FUN! 

The Adult in the Room

I really enjoyed myself yesterday playing board games with my first cousins once removed. They’re 6 and 7 and let me tell you, the world’s biggest cheaters! And still I had to cheat twice as hard to lose. 

I also had to pull rank a few times.

 The 7-year-old decided he did not like how the 6-year-olds were playing the game and tried to insert his own rules. They spiritedly protested. He decided to pull out his trump card.

“Well, I am a year older than you so you have to do what I say.” 

I decided it was time to get involved and maturely responded, “Well, I am older than all of you so you have to do what I say!”

This brought down censor from the people older than me in the room (not playing the game!) with a reproof not to pull age. 

So I pulled reading ability. The next dispute resolved around a card requiring the player to return to their home base. The 6-year-olds struggled with it and the 7-year-old informed them that he could read better and it said no such thing. 

So I said I could read better than all of them and it did too say that!

So we switched to Uno. My grandma (the children’s great-grandma) and brother joined us. The 6-year-old, having created a barrier so  we could not “see her cards”, then preceded to pull all the skips, take twos, reverse, and color changes from the pile of cards. She left us to divvy up the rest as we wished. 

When asked how she managed to get such good cards, she frankly said, “I took them!”

And the next round, when someone else shuffled and gave her a perfectly normal hand, she informed us she did not like playing the adult way! 

The Voting Game

So, for Siblings Day, my brother gave me a card game: The Voting Game. He thought it sounded like a good ice breaker. Basically, everyone playing gets a number, you read a prompt, and vote for the person/number it sounds most like. Like Apples to Apples! we thought. 

We were wrong. 

The fact that the game was for 17+ should have been the first clue

It might actually be a fun game for a close group of friends. But for strangers/acquaintances? Let’s just say it is closer to Cards Against Humanity than Apples to Apples and a sure way to offend literally everyone. Definitely not a good game for a church small group game night. 

Guess who brought it to a church small group game night? Not sure I can ever show my face again. 


Bigger and Better

Tonight the youth group where I volunteer played Bigger and Better. We got into teams and drove into the neighborhood. Starting with a paperclip, we went up to doors and asked if people would trade us something “bigger and better.” My team got a Christmas stocking, traded that for pancake mix, and traded that for German chocolate. Eventually we got a brand new Vera Wang purse. 

Other teams came back with an old toilet, a box TV, a parachute, garden chairs, and a huge camping tent. 

Overall, it was a fun night. I was skeptical going in but my group really enjoyed themselves. 

Killer Bunnies

Today my family and I learned how to play the game Killer Bunnies.

It is a strange, confusing game where you try to get carrots and keep your bunnies alive. Since there were 11 of us playing, it took a long time. However, I would play it again. It was fun!