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Hello Kitty House and Songkran

The Songkran festival is the Buddhist New Year and everyone goes around spraying everyone else with water. My friend flew in to visit and it coincided with the last day of the festival. The good news? She got to experience all the joys of being splashed with water wherever she went. The bad news? Almost all the themed cafes she wanted to visit were closed for the holiday. (RIP Mermaid Cafe)

Thankfully, the Hello Kitty House did not disappoint! It was…quite an experience. I am not anti-girly girl. Far from it. But even I started feeling vaguely ill after spending more than five minutes around all that pink. (Actually, it might also have been a reaction to how sugary everything was.) 

It was an experience. 

But if Hello Kitty is your friend’s thing, you go to the Hello Kitty themed cafe!