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Goodwill Haul

Two guys walk into Goodwill: “Ah, man, they’re playing Justin Bieber.” They then turn around and leave.

I didn’t know Justin Bieber even still had those kind of haters.

My sister went to visit cousins this weekend and my aunt met me halfway to pick her up. It just so happened we met near my favorite Goodwill. 

I told myself I’d just go in for a quick walk through. Browse the books, maybe. A half-hearted poke through dresses because someone usually donates unworn Lula Roe. 

I left two hours later with a giant bag of clothing, a fabulous pair of boots, and 4 books. I probably would have ended up with more if they weren’t closing. 

It is just such a great store. 

Better Than Goodwill

My aunt has a saying: “Shop at home first.”

Bethany and I drove into Milwaukee today to visit our grandparents. We planned to hit Goodwill on the way but ran out of time.

Good thing too because by the time we left Grandma and Grandpa’s my car was too full for anything else. What with a desk and punch bowl and decorations and tea set…

And the best part is not just that we got it free (which it would not be at Goodwill!) The best part is that everything has a story. From great, great grandparents to wedding gifts to semi-recent rummage purchases, each item comes with a story that continues with us.

So thank you to all the relatives that have helped furnish my apartment. My sister and I are daily surrounded by gifts and love. ❤️

Goodwill Books

I love Goodwill anyway, but  Goodwill books are seriously great deals. You never know what you will find. Some books are a steal at 99 cents. Others not worth half of that. 

I stopped by Goodwill today. I meant to look for some new business clothes but…you know…books.

So, I got 1. Or 9. 

Don’t tell my sisters. (They share a room with me and for some odd reason object to me filling it with books.)

I wasn’t actually going to buy all of them–even cheap it adds up–but Goodwill gives a birthday month discount. I think it knocked off $5! So obviously it was meant to be!

Goodwill music

What does the High School Musical 2 soundtrack and Best Opera Duets of All Time have in common? Both are CDs I bought from Goodwill recently.

I recently “discovered” the 99 cent CD section of Goodwill. I’ve seen it before, obviously, but it was my sister Anna who first decided to hunt through the selection. She found some early Josh Groban music (her “Baby Josh CDs”.) Inspired, I decided to check out Goodwill’s CDs, which turned out to be really fun. 

The thing is, you never know what you will find. It could be opera music, it could be Taylor Swift, it could be a Disney movie soundtrack. And all for 99 cents! 

The fun isn’t the actual CD, but the mystery of finding something new. You can try new genres without forking out a lot of money. You can find old favorites and discover new ones. Or you could utterly fail and find nothing or something awful. The fun is in the what might be.