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The Raccoon Cafe

Somewhere more photographic evidence exists, but I only took the two pictures on my phone and Jasmine isn’t handing any over! 

No photo description available.

The conversation went something like this:

Jasmine: “We could do a theme cafe. Like, a cat cafe or a dog cafe. There is also a raccoon cafe.”

Me: “Raccoons? It is a cafe with raccoons?” 

Jasmine: “Yep, you can pet them and play with them and stuff.”

Me: “That sounds like a horrible idea. We obviously have to do it!”

No photo description available.

And so we did. You drink the coffee before playing with the raccoons, but otherwise it is pretty much free rein. 

Turns out, raccoons are spoiled brats. 

I was petting one and it climbed on me and stole my hair clip. It then hid in a corner and gnawed on it. I won’t lie, I was all for letting it choke and die on the thing, but Jasmine took sympathy and tried to steal the hair clip back. 

In thanks, it bit her. 

It also managed to finish consuming my hair clip without choking. 

It was one of those experiences I’m glad I did because now I can say I played with raccoons but also it took my ambivalent dislike for raccoons and turned it into loathing. Not sure that is what the cafe was going for.