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Costumed (Part 2)

Some people told me: “nice costume.” Others asked what party I was going to. Still others just looked at me blankly and said “what are you supposed to be?” And a few others still asked for my number. 

It would have been flattering if they would just take no for an answer but I find people who ask you for your number on the bus rarely do take no calmly.

They want to know why they cannot have your number; they ask if you have a boyfriend; they assure you that they think it is ‘super cool’ that you’re in law school. (You can see the desire for free legal advice dancing in their eyes.) And inevitably, when your no remains no, they accuse you of playing hard to get. 

But it occurred to me I could fix this problem if I looked less nice and more scary. So I did my best to do just that.

Either it worked or people felt too cold to bother me. In either case, I felt cool so that’s really what matters. 


For weeks the student workers where I TA have been talking about their Halloween outfits. What to wear, when to wear it, how to get an unsuspecting boyfriend into a couple costume…all these things I heard. So, come October 31st, aka today, aka Halloween…I decided to join them in going all out.

I wore an Tudor gown with a cloak and high heeled boots and (though not shown below) a crown and veil. 

And then I walked outside and discovered it was snowing. 

No one at the bus stop was wearing a costume but I didn’t think much of it. I was an instant hit and three people asked for my number. (I politely declined to give it out.) 

I then got to campus. No one was wearing a costume!

I went to the house where I TA. And again…nothing! In fact, they’d all forgotten it was Halloween and asked me if I was celebrating the snow or something. 

I went to class; I attended a lecture in a different building; I wandered around campus. I saw maybe half a dozen people dressed up and no one close to my level. I can only surmise that the sight of snow shocked everyone into forgetting which holiday it was. 

But if Thailand taught me one thing it was how to take masses of people staring at you so I quite enjoyed myself despite sticking out like a sore thumb.

Friday the 13th?

“It is Friday the 13th,” I inform my sister ominously. “And a full moon.” 

She looks at me blankly. 

“You know…Fridayyyyy the 13th!” I say again. 

Still no reaction. In fact, she tells me: “I don’t get it.”

“You don’t know Friday the 13th?” I ask. 


“You’re pulling my leg!”


“How do you not know Friday the 13th?”

“Should I…?”

“It is like…bad luck.”


“And horror. Like Halloween but without any of the redeeming elements.” 

“So it comes every year…?”

“No…just when Friday falls on the 13th. Because 13 is an unlucky number…y’know?”


“Well…it is. And somehow it is more unlucky on a Friday.”

“How do you know this?”

“How do you not know this?!”

Another blank look. 

“Well, you know about full moons, right?”

“It is when the moon is…full?” 

“No! Well, yes! But like, werewolves and stuff come out. How have you missed all this? I’m sure there was an Arthur episode.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Peoples. My sister somehow missed all cultural context to bad luck or horror movies. I do not know how this is possible. Today has literally no meaning for her.

Movie Night With the Siblings

“Mom and Dad aren’t home! What should we watch?’

“Let’s pick something dark and scary! Maybe Gotham.” 

“Yeah! Mom doesn’t like those shows or movies. Netflix has all the Halloween movies out. Great timing.”

“Or we could watch a kid’s movie. Parents aren’t home to judge us.”

“That’s true! Disney movie? Mickey Mouse’s House of Villains?”


“Monsters vs Aliens!” 

“Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem.” 


30 minutes later, Mom walks in. “What are you watching? You always watch lousy TV when I’m gone.”