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Fashion Advice from the Homeschooler In My Head

It took me twice as long to get dressed this morning because the homeschooler in my head felt particularly opinionated today. To give her credit, she really had three main goals and all were perfectly unobjectionable: (1) feel pretty, (2) be comfy, (3) keep warm.  

The law student in my head only emphasized one main goal: look professional. 

You’d think the two generally compliment each other, but you’d be wrong. I started by choosing a very fun, full skirt and leggings. So far, so good.

The law student then started considering light sweaters, lacy tank tops, and high heels to compliment it. The homeschooler protested. I’d freeze to death dressed like that. Better put on a hoodie with the skirt. And maybe a t-shirt. Plus, while I’m at it, why high heels? Tennis shoes are much more practical and comfortable.  

I mostly ended up listening to the law student today, but I won’t lie. A hoodie and tennis shoes sound amazing right now.