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A Plethora Of Ebook Options

Yesterday, I had a little mini panic attack when I realized I had no more books lined up on my library ebook app (Libby). All the ones I wanted to read next were on holds. And a quick search did not show me any available ones that I wanted to read! WHAT TO DO!

What to read on the bus?!

And then it dawned on me that if I just clicked out of the Libby app and looked at my home screen, my problem would go away. Because besides Libby, I currently have plenty of immediately-available-because-I-own-them ebooks on my:

  • Kindle app
  • Nook app
  • Kobo Book app
  • Google Books app
  • BookFusion app

And if I somehow made it through all of those, my friend sent me a few books via Google docs I could also read via the app on my phone. 

Moral of the story, as long as I have a phone charger on me, I need never fear running out of reading material.

(And thankfully a hold came in early on my Libby app so I was only without reading material on there for, like, 4 hours. Whew. Crisis averted.)

A Free Series

Today on Freebooksy I found a cozy mystery novel that did not look particularly interesting but was free so I downloaded it. Amazon then informed me that, seeing as how I bought the first one, I might be interested to know the sequel was also free today. 

So I downloaded the sequel, just in case the first one should turn out particularly good.

Then Amazon let me know…oh, by the way, the third one is also free.

So I downloaded that too…

Then the fourth…

Long story short there are 16 books in the series and I really hope it proves better than it looks because I downloaded them all. 


I’ve been holding out on y’all. Mostly because I wanted to make sure it was legit. But it is. 

Freebooksy sends you a list of free Kindle books every day. And it rocks. 

Not just trashy ebooks or free classics that you can get free any ole’ day, either. (Though it does send you those too.) It alerts you to books that are only free for that day. As in books people would normally spend money on. (That’s the biggest problem, generally, with free Kindle books. There is a reason they are free.)

Check it out: https://www.freebooksy.com/

I signed up to receive an e-mail every morning. It works great because I can tailor it to the sort of books I’m interested in and peruse the list with my morning cup of coffee. Some days nothing catches my eye. Some days I end up downloading 5 or 6 books. It is not really great for non-fiction, but I’ve found some delightful cozy mysteries and beach reads. (My favorite so far is A Brazen Curiosity by Lynn Messina. It was a four star read! Except now I want to go and buy the rest of the series.)

If you’re like me and cannot resist the lure of a free book, I highly recommend signing up. 

Law School Surveys Keep Me In Reading Material

I owe about 25% of the books on my Kindle to Bloomberg Law. Every few weeks someone sends out a survey inquiring about legal database preferences. (In effect, the legal versions of JSTOR or ProQuest or whatever it is kids use these days.) In exchange, they promise a $5 (or sometimes $10!) Amazon Gift Card. 

It is the best deal ever. 

I get to rant about how terrible Bloomberg Law is (I mean, have you ever tried doing legal research on that platform?!) and in exchange get money for my next Kindle book. 

Win, win. 

I’m thinking my next survey will go towards Haunting Mr. Darcy, a Pride and Prejudice retelling where Lizzie is a ghost. Promising, no? 😉 


Valentine’s Day and Kindle Books

Me: Soooooo, I know I have about 200 unread books on my Kindle, but I’m thinking since it is Valentine’s Day, I can justify buying another one. 

Friend: No. Read what you have. 

Me: I do not know what you mean by this word “no.” 

Friend: You have plenty of books you don’t need to buy another one.

Me: But it is a holiday. And holidays are great reasons to buy books!

Friend: No.

Me: How about I’m going on vacation and I need a beach read?

Friend: You are telling me one of those 200 books isn’t a beach read? 

Me: …but I could always use another beach read….

Friend: …

Me: And also I got an Amazon gift card for taking a survey! So I need to spend it. 

Friend: …

Me: Well, I don’t need to…but I could spend it right now!

Friend: …

Me: FINE. No new books. Probably. Even though it is JUST ME on Valentine’s Day and I’m not doing anything else to celebrate and it is not like I’m spending the money on something else…

Friend: 200 unread books.

Whatcha Reading…? 1/28/2019 Book Update

Back in 2016-2017, I used to do an occasional “Whatcha Reading” update. Basically, when I find myself buried in avalanche of current reads, I like sorting them out on here. 

Now, I know what you are thinking! “BUT WHAT ABOUT THAILAND?!” I promise I’m still here. The thing is, due to certain circumstances, I spent the weekend at home. And really, the most exciting thing I accomplished was laundry. I’ve strained my brain to make laundry an entertaining story, but mostly it involved me lacking the correct change and making strategic visits to the convenience store to get more. Mostly I read. And as I’ve decided to tackle several rather long books courtesy but my new Kindle, a “Whatcha Reading” update is the best way I can describe my weekend.

Without further ado, I present you my current reads: Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas, Ethics by Aristotle, The City of God by Saint Augustine, Pamela by Samuel Richardson, and Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy L. Sayers. (And lest you think my reading involves only intellectual works, I must confess I recently finished To Catch A Bad Guy by Marie Astor, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joane Flunke, and The Cinderella Deal by Jennifer Cruise – all as horrible as they sound.) As you can see, I’m working through the As on my Kindle. 

Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas is 95,666 pages long. I’m 1,520 pages in –  about 1%. I do not plan on finishing it this year…or next…or maybe the year after. But the work played an instrumental role in developing Western thought so I figure it is worth the long term commitment. 

Ethics by Aristotle…I am not sure what I think about this one yet. Obviously, I’m familiar with Aristotle’s theory of virtue as the mean between two extremes. He jumps around quite a bit, however, between personal application of virtue and civic virtue. His explanation of justice I found particularly intriguing. Mostly I feel like I miss as much as I understand. But I find his method of explaining things helps me better understand Aquinas. (Similar formatting of arguments.) 

I purchased my copy of The City of God by Saint Augustine instead of getting the free version and I am amazed the difference a good translation makes. I am not particularly far into the book but I’m quite intrigued. It begins with a seeming history lesson about the barbarians who sacked Rome but did not touch the Christian churches. Amidst this strange beginning, Saint Augustine weaves several points about human suffering. 

Pamela; or, Virtue Rewarded by Samuel Richardson was published in 1740 and I’ve been dragging myself through it since last July. Though a remarkable literary achievement for its time, I find the entire work slow and irritating. But I’m also stubbornly determined to finish it since it was a ‘first’ for many literary tropes we use today. (And Jane Austen read it.) 

Letters to a Diminished Church by Dorothy L. Sayers is incredibly good so far. I find it easier to grasp than her work about the trinity, The Mind of the Maker. In this book, she tackles Christian doctrine. She continues to emphasize the creativity of God and the importance of creation for human identity. I’m convinced this one will end up an immediate favorite. 

Buying E-Books

I like books as much as the next girl (probably more) but I hate spending money. Thus, I love my local library. I love accessing e-books and not getting fined when they end up overdue. We’ve got a great relationship, the library book app and I. 

But I have a Kindle now and my brother gave me a gift card to fill it with books. So happily I sat down to compile a list of books I wanted to buy (mostly not available at my library) and went to purchase. 

But I hate spending the money. Even if it is gift card money. It is soooooo hard to convince myself that I need books over…over anything else. My heart starts racing. My blood pressure spikes. I internally start screaming. 

$3! You just spent $3 on a book. You probably could have gotten it for free at the library. What do you mean you need reading material for Thailand? Figure out something else! Ahhhhh! $3 indeed. 

I do not know if I should treat this like a band-aid and buy them all at once and get it over with, or slowly buy books and prolong the stress. The thing is, if I were at Goodwill I wouldn’t stress about spending $3 on a book. Maybe it is different because I can’t hold it in my hand and see where the money went.