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Virtual Graduation

If you want to see my graduation, you can watch the whole thing here! Or click on the link and scroll down to see my slide.

It was a fun day! I got to visit my grandparents and learn a bit more about my great, great grandfather, one of the first UW law graduates! 

Graduation Day

5-years-ago today I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. And today-today I suppose I am graduating with my J.D.

But since they pushed back the graduation slideshow to next Friday, perhaps I graduate next Friday? Or whenever my diploma arrives in the mail? 

It is a weirdly anticlimactic end but I’ve had weeks to process it so it isn’t hitting me too hard yet. It has been nice, though, slowly winding down. I’ve not been as productive as I planned to be but I enjoy not having the crushing pressure of: ‘If I don’t get this done now, it won’t ever get done.’ 

Though today didn’t look like I expected, I want to say thank you to each and every person who made the tumultuous last three years possible ❤ I wouldn’t have survived law school without my strong network of friends and family. 

A Final Book Count

Counting from my first month of law school to now…I have officially read 736 books while in law school. 

737 if I finish The Enchanted April tonight. 

It is a tiny victory, and yet a satisfying one. 

Learning a Semester’s Worth of Class in a Weekend

Why did I think Civil Procedure II would be a good class to take?!

Oh, yes. I kept pushing off the conflict of laws requirement and got stuck with the class because it was the only one being offered my final semester. 

EUH OK GIF - EuhOk EuhOkay - Discover & Share GIFs

New plan for exam:

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A Thank You Every Day of Finals (Just…Not On Here)

I’ve been feeling quite negative about finals this semester–and law school always–so I decided to do something about it. I challenged myself to publicly thank someone every day of finals on Facebook that I would not normally thank but who somehow touched my law school life. 

The first day I chose two classmates who I sat by me my first year of law school. 

Today I chose someone who gave me good advice about law school in high school. 

And honestly, my plan has worked well. Thinking about all the people who cheered me on over the last 3…or 10…years has really shifted my mindset. 

I’m dead tired tonight from work and dreading my final Friday but I’m cheered up thinking of who to recognize tomorrow! 

Law School Final To Do List (Update)

It is Mon…Tuesday? Wednesday? Tuesday. I don’t know anymore, but I do know I have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it. 

  • Contract Drafting project
  • Advanced Legal Research paper 
  • Civ Pro II final (eek)
  • Fill out all the externship paperwork
  • Work project (Due tomorrow and then I get a break? Oh, wait, no….)
  • Grade 29 student papers
  • Lead the final discussion group
  • Grade student finals

Quarantine House Memes

Have you seen the quarantine house memes? They tend to pop up on my favorite niche meme pages…like law school memes and Jane Austen memes. The premise is simple: pick a house!

I’d have to go with House #6 because Dorothy Parker

National Novel Writing Month — Choose Your Quarantine House ...

After much analysis….I have to go with House #4. House #5 close second because Howl. 

Hilary Davidson on Twitter: "Ditto… "

House #4 maybe? It would be highly entertaining. 

Going to have to go with House #3. The combination will either find the cure to COVID-19 or spend the entire time on theoretical debates. Entertaining either way.

House #5 because Mary Poppins.

House #6. Someone has to keep Laura sane.

These 'choose your quarantine house' games keep getting harder 😅

House #2. I like the idea of House #5, but seems kind of intense for being trapped in one place.

As my friend Kayla said, “That would be kinda awkward hanging out in houses with a bunch of dead guys.”

I lean House #6 but admittedly know little of dogs. 

House #4 all the way. J. Scalia, dissenting forever.

House #II for Justices Thomas and Frankfurter. I would go House III because Scalia but the Chief Justice would drive me crazy.




Law School To-Do List

While I do appreciate all the congratulations and well-wishes from everyone in my life about finishing law classes, I still feel a bit like a fraud because I have not taken finals yet. And I don’t think I can celebrate the end of law school until I take them. 

So, for the sake of my own organization and so you get to hit allllllllll the milestones with me, I will post the big things left on my list to-finish list before I’m actually “done” with law school. Hopefully I will remember to update it. 

  • Contract Drafting project
  • Advanced Legal Research paper 
  • Crim Pro final
  • Civ Pro II final (eek)
  • Fill out all the externship paperwork
  • Work project
  • Grade 29 student papers
  • Lead the final discussion group
  • Grade student finals

Woot woot~

First and Last Day

Look how full of hope I was my first day of law school! 

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

And here I am on my last day, selfie-ing it ’cause I don’t even have a roommate at the moment. 

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But, ya know. I made it. 

A Weirdly Circular Semester

Today marks my second-to-last day of law school classes! (But who is counting?) One of my roommates from 1L year asked if I wanted to do a virtual movie night and it all feels so weirdly…circular. Not just with the movie night, but with classes, which I don’t think I blogged about before. 

My first semester of law school I took: Contracts, Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, and Legal Research & Writing I. 

My final semester of law school I took: Contract Drafting, Civil Procedure II, Criminal Procedure, and Advanced Legal Research and Writing. 

It was not intentional! Just the way things worked out. I’m stretching my mind to find some parallel between getting bored and picking up an unpaid internship (like I did my first semester) and working two jobs this semester, but it comes across as more of a stretch. I guess it just proves what we all already know: I have a habit of over-committing. 

Other things…well, the anxiety-induced nausea that I have experienced every semester of law school didn’t start up till halfway through my first semester. And it only started a few weeks ago this semester! So, that’s similar. 

Yeah, I’m stretching. 1L year feels very long ago. Longer than 3 years anyway. I can’t believe tomorrow will be the last day. But I won’t lie…I welcome it with open arms.