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Mixed Emotions

People keep asking how I’m doing with social distancing, usually trailing off with some version of, “You’re an extrovert, so it must be really hard…”

But to be honest, this past week wasn’t particularly hard on me. Oh, it was disappointing. I should be flying back from North Carolina right now. I’m sad that I did not get to see my friends, or travel, or do any other fun spring break stuff. 

Still, at the end of the day, a spring break spent reading is not a bad spring break. And that’s really what this past week felt like. Spring break. 

Today, however, as I begin gearing up for the rest of the semester online, I am starting to feel the pinch. It really hit me after I got an e-mail from one of my clubs, which concluded:

“Finally, best wishes to all the graduating 3Ls! We will miss you.”

It was such a shocking, anticlimactic goodbye after three years of being with these people. I don’t recall if we sent the previous two classes off with much pomp, but there were cards and best wishes and farewell dinners. 

It is starting to dawn on me that regardless of whether they end up having graduation or not, the pandemic means that all of us graduates (be it high school, law school, or college!) are concluding our academic careers on a terribly anticlimactic note. I think I might take the next few days to process the lack of ceremony and what it actually means. 

But you know what? I’ll be celebrating regardless! Because I. Will. Be. Freeeeeeee! At least until I plunge myself into a new adventure.

Canceled In-Person Classes

I think the interview went well. Or at least, I did right after I had the interview. The more I think about it the more I overthink it and am convinced I bombed it. But seriously, I think it went well.

In other news, my school has decided to go into full-on panic mode and has canceled in-person classes for an entire month. We’ve got spring break coming up so I guess that will give us some wiggle room to figure out how to have classes online. But seriously. What. Is. Going. On.

Jogging After The Judge

In the TV show of my life, today’s episode would begin like this:

Scene: Amy is sprinting down State Street in high heels. She’s wearing a pencil skirt and a statement necklace that makes a loud clacking noise with every step she takes. People turn and stare. In her hand she holds two phones. She answers one:

“Hello, Judge? This is not Kirsten. Yeah, I’m coming.”

Cue narrator: How did I get here, chasing a 7th Circuit judge across Madison? Well….

*rewinding noise* 

*caption–10 Minutes Earlier* 

Amy: “Hey, Kirsten. Ready for the speaker?” 

Kirsten: “Yeah, I’m really excited. But I’m so nervous people won’t show up. What if we brought in a 7th Circuit Judge and only had 6 attendees?!” 

Amy: “If it comes to that, I will round people up. Shouldn’t the judge be here by now?”

Kirsten: “I expect her any second.”

*They wait.* 

*Ten minutes pass.* 

Kirsten’s cell-phone rings: “Hello, Judge? Oh, no. Oh, no. Um, okay. Uh-huh. Well, I don’t know. Amy, you park in parking garages. Can you tell the judge where to park?” 

Amy: *is directionally challenged*

Amy: *sends judge to incorrect parking garage* 

Amy: *decides best thing to do is meet judge at incorrect parking garage 5 blocks away*

Amy: *starts running*

Judge: *stumbles upon correct parking garage*

Amy: *arrives out of breath and not knowing what the judge looks like*

Amy: *finds judge and makes awkward small talk for a few blocks. Unnecessarily clarifies a few more times that she is not, in fact, Kirsten* 

Amy: *confuses judge by inviting everyone in the atrium to the event that formally started 10 minutes ago. No one moves.*

Amy: *delivers judge to a room of roughly 100, applauding people* 

Amy: *slides into a corner, basking in the second-hand glory of the moment. Everything goes silent.*

Amy’s stomach: *gives a loud, very noticeable growl*


*cue canned, audience laughter*


Group Projects (and the slacker in the mirror)

Like most students, I consider group projects one of the cruelest things a professor can do to a student. When do you ever hear positive stories about group projects? They’re basically synonymous with slackers. 

I had two group projects today and I was definitely the weak link in the chain. With the funeral this weekend and travel to and from Iowa, I did not give homework my best attention. Or any attention. 

And I’m really grateful for how kind everyone was about it. My group-mates were wonderfully understanding. They managed basically everything and all but handed me the script to read once we got up to present. And they didn’t make me feel like a bum for it. I survived today because of them. 

But we shall see if I survive the week! We’ve reached the part of the semester where I cannot think farther ahead than an hour at a time. So much to do! Isn’t it spring break yet? 

Law Review Elections

This has been a very long day with some really hard news and I showed up to Law Review Elections tonight ready to power through the candidates and go home. 

But guess what? 3.5 hours later and I’m still here. And we’re not even halfway done. I guess they went till midnight last year. 

I do not want to be here till midnight. I want to go home. 

I want to turn this into a funny story but I’m not in a place to laugh tonight. So here is the bright side of being here for 6 hours: when we finish up, the new leadership will take over and I will be done with [most] law review responsibilities! My stint as a student is truly starting to end. 

Criminal Procedure

Thus far,  I would not exactly call criminal procedure my favorite class. Far from it. I find it rather frustrating. Partially I am a grumpy 3L taking a class with starry-eyed 1Ls who all want to single-handedly fix the criminal justice system. (Maybe they will.) And partially I just don’t know enough. My classmates like offering opinions that I do not necessarily agree with. But I don’t  necessarily disagree with either. I just feel like we don’t have enough frame of reference or ever hear the other side of the story.  

So I did what any self-respecting bookworm would do. I did my research and bought 7 books about criminal procedure. 

I’m pretty pumped. I picked them up today. I got…

  • Ordinary Injustice by Amy Bach
  • From the War on Poverty to the War on Crime by Elizabeth Hinton 
  • Charged by Emily Bazelon 
  • Punishment Without Crime by Alexandra Natapoff
  • Locked In by John F. Pfaff
  • The Collapse of American Criminal Justice by William J. Stuntz
  • The War on Cops by Heather Mac Donald. 

Surrender by Barlow Girl

Feeling angsty and full of senior-itis (3L-itis? Grad school-itis?) this morning, I decided to hunt up my playlist from senior year of college to see what music I used to listen to in order to release all the feels. My music taste has always been…eclectic and such playlists usually range from KPop to Eurovision to Shrek the Musical. But instead of something headbanging, I stumbled upon this old favorite. And it was a good reminder. Hopefully you will enjoy it too.