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My Snitchin’ Glasses

All law school lectures have officially moved online. The school uses Blackboard (like Google Hangouts but less fun.) It works well for the small, discussion-based classes; less so for big, lecture style ones. Professors expect cameras on and mics off. 

(My favorite situation came from my biggest class of 60+ students. The professor said, “If you cannot hear me, raise your hand.” Of course no one did. So he ignored all the pleas in the chat from students stating they couldn’t hear him because, after all, he did ask…)

Alas, already boring lecture-style classes do not improve when moved online. And the temptation to surf the web or do literally anything else while listening is so strong…

But I can’t. Because my glasses snitch on me. Presumably because of the way I angle my laptop and how I sit, when my camera is on, my glasses reflect whatever I am looking at. In lecture? You can see the slides. Flip over to Facebook? Suddenly my glasses reflect Facebook. Look at my phone? You can see it in my glasses

Realistically, what are the chances of the professor looking at my tiny camera when there are 60 other students and no reason for me to stand out? Minimal. But it doesn’t matter. My glasses keep me on the straight and narrow. And before you ask, it doesn’t help if I take them off. I can’t see well if I take them off. I already tried. 

A Very Important Interview

Tomorrow I have a Very Important Interview. If you happen to think of it around 2pm central tomorrow, send up a prayer for me. 

My emotions have been a bit all over the place. Initially I felt nothing but panic. Something along the lines of

Image result for I didn't expect to get this far

And then I felt excitement! What a cool opportunity!

And then I asked my career adviser what some sample questions might look like and she sent me an entire web page. Now I feel intimated and 3 steps behind already. (It seems I should have skipped class and had the interview IMMEDIATELY.) 

So, we shall see. I will let you know how it goes. 

(I apologize for keeping this intentionally vague.)

Bleary Eyes

Between writing a brief, leading discussion groups, and working on an assignment worth 30% of my grade and due tomorrow, I am a little brain dead. Possibly past brain dead, actually.

I drove to pick up Bethany from work. It was raining. It dimly occurred to me that everything seemed really fuzzy. Like, more fuzzy than usual. I blamed exhaustion. 

Turns out, it was a fog. There is really horrible visibility right now. I question whether I should have been driving.

Is it spring break yet?!

13 Hours…and counting

I think I just hit the 13 hour mark for being at work. On a Sunday. But brief is due tomorrow! 

Image result for why do you write like you are writing out of time

Despite the long day and the fact that I’m probably more brain dead than I realize, I’m having fun. Either that or I’ve listened to the La La Land soundtrack too many times and have officially gone la la. 

Or it was all the coffee I drank. 

Regardless, this is going to be our best brief yet. (Mostly because I wrote 90% of it 😉 ) 

How Many Cups of Coffee Am I At?

Me: “Yeah, the new guy also works as a waitress.” 

Boss: “You mean waiter?” 

Me: “That’s it! I couldn’t think of the male version of a waitress.”

Boss: “I’m the one who has been at work since 5:30. What’s your excuse?”

With the two of us on the job, I have serious concerns about how this brief is going to turn out. Good thing we hired an intern. #ohwait #I’malsotheintern.

Jogging After The Judge

In the TV show of my life, today’s episode would begin like this:

Scene: Amy is sprinting down State Street in high heels. She’s wearing a pencil skirt and a statement necklace that makes a loud clacking noise with every step she takes. People turn and stare. In her hand she holds two phones. She answers one:

“Hello, Judge? This is not Kirsten. Yeah, I’m coming.”

Cue narrator: How did I get here, chasing a 7th Circuit judge across Madison? Well….

*rewinding noise* 

*caption–10 Minutes Earlier* 

Amy: “Hey, Kirsten. Ready for the speaker?” 

Kirsten: “Yeah, I’m really excited. But I’m so nervous people won’t show up. What if we brought in a 7th Circuit Judge and only had 6 attendees?!” 

Amy: “If it comes to that, I will round people up. Shouldn’t the judge be here by now?”

Kirsten: “I expect her any second.”

*They wait.* 

*Ten minutes pass.* 

Kirsten’s cell-phone rings: “Hello, Judge? Oh, no. Oh, no. Um, okay. Uh-huh. Well, I don’t know. Amy, you park in parking garages. Can you tell the judge where to park?” 

Amy: *is directionally challenged*

Amy: *sends judge to incorrect parking garage* 

Amy: *decides best thing to do is meet judge at incorrect parking garage 5 blocks away*

Amy: *starts running*

Judge: *stumbles upon correct parking garage*

Amy: *arrives out of breath and not knowing what the judge looks like*

Amy: *finds judge and makes awkward small talk for a few blocks. Unnecessarily clarifies a few more times that she is not, in fact, Kirsten* 

Amy: *confuses judge by inviting everyone in the atrium to the event that formally started 10 minutes ago. No one moves.*

Amy: *delivers judge to a room of roughly 100, applauding people* 

Amy: *slides into a corner, basking in the second-hand glory of the moment. Everything goes silent.*

Amy’s stomach: *gives a loud, very noticeable growl*


*cue canned, audience laughter*


Law Review Elections

This has been a very long day with some really hard news and I showed up to Law Review Elections tonight ready to power through the candidates and go home. 

But guess what? 3.5 hours later and I’m still here. And we’re not even halfway done. I guess they went till midnight last year. 

I do not want to be here till midnight. I want to go home. 

I want to turn this into a funny story but I’m not in a place to laugh tonight. So here is the bright side of being here for 6 hours: when we finish up, the new leadership will take over and I will be done with [most] law review responsibilities! My stint as a student is truly starting to end.