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Record Keeping

“I need,” I tell my sister, Bethany, “a better method of record keeping.”

She does not deign to reply to this, probably because I am currently pulling letters out of my underwear drawer.

I emerge half-triumphant with half of what I’m looking for. “I’ve got the lease from my storage unit from this past spring!” 

Then, frowning, I reach into my box of shoes. “What is this? A parking citation? When did I get a parking citation?!”

Bethany: “Last January.” 

Me: “I have no memory of this.”

Bethany: “You were very angry about it.”

Me: “…nope, got nothing.”

I turn to my bookshelf. “Oh look! Here is my research paper from high school. What dramatic language I used! This would make a good blog post.”

Right next to it I find my pay stub from last week. 

Bethany’s eyes remained glued to her phone so I am basically monologuing at this point. 

I dive under my bed. “Oh! I have a dentist appointment coming up. Good to know. And here is a copy of my transcripts from college.” 

I begin flipping through my assorted coloring books. “I canceled the lease in July. So difficult to know what I would have done with a piece of paper then. It was a transitional period. Is it too optimistic to think I would have taken a picture of it? I don’t even know what phone I had? Where IS my phone?”

I found a missing bookmark, missing statute pack, loads of hand-written letters from Tori, and two more parking citations. (Alas, those I remembered.) 

But no document proving I ended my lease in July. 

And those jerks have started billing me again. 

Arg. I need a better record keeping system.  


Hand-Written Letters

When I worked at camp, I received numerous hand-written letters from my friends and family. Some I continued corresponding with even after I left camp. I value every letter I received that summer. 

And so, now that my sister and cousin work at camp, I try and send them hand-written letters too. It is a bit tricky because they’ve politely told me they won’t write back. And you can only write so many sentences before you want to throw in a question or two. But I keep writing anyway because I know sometimes the highlights of my days came when I checked my mailbox. 

Writing letters takes time, though. I spent hours today writing. (Well, one of my letters was a 24-page response to a 16-page letter from an old friend who I correspond with regularly but haven’t since before I left for Thailand. Much to catch up on.) It takes time but is worth it! Especially when I get a response. 😉