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Library Holds: Part 2

Between yesterday and today, about 30 of my holds came in at the library!
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The librarians found my extensive holds funny and posted a picture of me with all of them on Facebook with the following comment:

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Meet Amy! She has read 313 books so far this year and has just checked out 30 more to enjoy over winter break! And where does she go to borrow most of these books, you ask? M Community Library, of course! Maybe next year she’ll reach 365 books! Great job, Amy!

So, basically I am now Facebook famous 😉 

Library Holds

The longer I live away from my home town, the more unlikely this is, but I sometimes think the librarians back home know when finals end for me. 

Like, the ground starts rumbling. 

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And tremors and shaking begin. 

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And somewhere in my home town, one of the librarians turns to the other librarian and is like, “Ah, Amy’s coming back.”

At least that is what I imagine happens when they see I’ve put 40 books on hold in one morning. 

I Want To Be The Library Legend

Although my visits to my hometown library have occurred with increased irregularity over the years, I like to think I still hold a special place in the librarians’ hearts. When I am in town and putting a dozen books on hold, I like to think they pause as they gather them and say,

“Oh, Amy is back in town.”

And they know it is me because who else would put so many books on hold?

Well, for all I know, everyone. But it seems somewhat unusual based on the library habits of those around me. 

Over the years, some librarians come and some go and I know the memory of me will fade. That is why I like to imagine my legend continues. Like a ghost that haunts the library and puts things on hold every few months. Except I’m not dead.