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Library Holds: Part 2

Between yesterday and today, about 30 of my holds came in at the library!
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The librarians found my extensive holds funny and posted a picture of me with all of them on Facebook with the following comment:

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Meet Amy! She has read 313 books so far this year and has just checked out 30 more to enjoy over winter break! And where does she go to borrow most of these books, you ask? M Community Library, of course! Maybe next year she’ll reach 365 books! Great job, Amy!

So, basically I am now Facebook famous 😉 

Library Holds

The longer I live away from my home town, the more unlikely this is, but I sometimes think the librarians back home know when finals end for me. 

Like, the ground starts rumbling. 

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And tremors and shaking begin. 

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And somewhere in my home town, one of the librarians turns to the other librarian and is like, “Ah, Amy’s coming back.”

At least that is what I imagine happens when they see I’ve put 40 books on hold in one morning. 

Libby App

My library has an app that allows access to audio and e-books. I love it. But for one reason or another, I never switched my account from my old phone to my new one. I did so this weekend.

And lost all the books I had on hold! Some I had been waiting months for. Most inconvenient.

But perhaps more inconvenient, some of the new books I put on hold immediately came in and now I have to find time to read them!

Library Love

My Dad handed me his library card today and asked me pick up an audio book for him. As I am still missing mine, I decided to take full advantage of it and got ten books for myself. Plus five audio books for him because who needs one when you can have five.

And you know what? It was so much fun. As I walked out of the library, I felt nearly giddy with excitement. It wasn’t any particular book or even that notable of an experience. But the library is still the best place ever and I love walking out of there with more than I can carry. 

I just love books.

Buying E-Books

I like books as much as the next girl (probably more) but I hate spending money. Thus, I love my local library. I love accessing e-books and not getting fined when they end up overdue. We’ve got a great relationship, the library book app and I. 

But I have a Kindle now and my brother gave me a gift card to fill it with books. So happily I sat down to compile a list of books I wanted to buy (mostly not available at my library) and went to purchase. 

But I hate spending the money. Even if it is gift card money. It is soooooo hard to convince myself that I need books over…over anything else. My heart starts racing. My blood pressure spikes. I internally start screaming. 

$3! You just spent $3 on a book. You probably could have gotten it for free at the library. What do you mean you need reading material for Thailand? Figure out something else! Ahhhhh! $3 indeed. 

I do not know if I should treat this like a band-aid and buy them all at once and get it over with, or slowly buy books and prolong the stress. The thing is, if I were at Goodwill I wouldn’t stress about spending $3 on a book. Maybe it is different because I can’t hold it in my hand and see where the money went. 

In Which I Attempt to Rebel With A Library Book

Yesterday I decided I needed some book therapy – which is like retail therapy, but cheaper – and headed to my local library. It mostly worked. More importantly, I found a really hilarious book and read it all in one go last night. 

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But here is the problem. It was book 6 in the series! And why did I read book 6? Because nowhere on my copy did it say it wasn’t book 1. 

I suppose chapter 1 should have clued me in when it dropped straight into the action but I didn’t realize it till I was already home. Then am I just going to put down this awesome book I found? Of course not!

So I have decided to treat this as another act of rebellion. I’m tough. I’m cool. I stay up past my self-imposed bedtime reading. I read books out of order. So there! Stick it to the man! (Or whoever it is I’m supposed to channel my displaced frustration with politics towards.) 

Obscure Books

Bronze Age America
Humor: A Critical Analysis for Young People
Poems of Abraham Lincoln 

What do these three books have in common? They’ve been on my to-read list forever and I never thought they’d leave. Until today. 

Folks, I’ve made the most glorious discovery. Admittedly, it is one that should have occurred to me last year: I have access to multiple libraries through my university. Actually, not just my university, but all the libraries in all the state schools across my state. All mine! 

I started searching some of the more obscure tomes on my to-read list and I have been delighted by the results. This is dangerous, folks. This is power.