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Care Packages and Friends Far Away

I have not taken the transition from “working adult with paycheck” to “student with no paycheck” well. I miss the freedom and flexibility consistent money brought. I especially miss random trips to visit my friends far away.¬†

My best friends have always lived far away from me. In high school, they stretched across the United States. Now they stretch across the world. I often complain about the isolation of Madison, but I have never ¬†consistently lived near my closest friends so I suppose it is an odd thing to say. I think the reality of the isolation, however, is that I can’t visit them like I want. Or even pretend I am going to visit them. And also I feel like I’m always talking about school…

But despite my limited scope of conversation (or because of it?), my friends have really been amazing at sending packages in the mail to remind me I am loved.  From care packages shipped from Montana and North Carolina to Christmas gifts from Tennessee and Korea to visits from Iowa (and even friends in Wisconsin), I am reminded how loved I am. 

This isn’t as eloquent a post as I would like, and it doesn’t even begin to touch on how much my family has done for me this year, but I want to give a fervent thank you to my friends near and far. Being a law student is hard and not fun, but I am reminded daily of the network of people who care about me and who will continue caring regardless if I live near or far. I love and miss you all! Thank you for making 2018 a year worth smiling over.