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Packed Lunch

I felt really good about myself this morning. I packed a lunch. 

Well, I threw the fixings of a sandwich into a Wal Mart bag. But those are elements of a lunch, right? So, basically, I packed a lunch today and won’t survive off of peanuts and protein bars. Score

Sure, I forgot the sliced tomato and lettuce. 

But I have ham and cheese and hummus!

Except you know what I don’t have?


I forgot bread. 

I am not very good at packing lunch.

“Cauli Hot Cereal”

When I eat my oatmeal, I do not tend to think, “You know what would make a great substitute? Cauliflower.” 

And I certainly wouldn’t think “strawberry hazelnut” when then thinking of flavors to add to the cauliflower. 

But you know what? It is actually pretty delicious. It was fairly crunchy which might have meant I cooked it incorrectly, but I thought the crunch added good texture. The hazelnut provided a nice, nutty aftertaste and the strawberries kept things sweet. And with 8 grams of protein, this makes for a nice breakfast or lunch. I’ll definitely be getting this again. 

Not Actually An Adult

Apparently, despite what I thought yesterday, I am not actually adult enough. I went out for dinner yesterday with my friends and could not buy alcohol because I posses a vertical license. I was the oldest person in our party by three years but the only one not not allowed to have a beer to celebrate! 

It was a fabulously fun day otherwise. I am surrounded by wonderful people who made me feel loved all day! I received surprise donuts in the morning; went out for spicy, pork ramen for lunch; mini-golfed with all the interns after work; had Mod Pizza for dinner; and wrapped it all up with angel food cake cupcakes and a black-and-white movie, My Man Godfrey. 25 and feelin’ alive!

Mint Oreos

Me: “All I had for lunch were Mint Oreos. I should probably find something healthy to eat.”

Kayla: “But wait! Mint comes from a plant so you were basically eating a salad! And coco beans come from coco trees, and trees are plants, so that means your lunch was actually really healthy.” 

And that is why Mint Oreos are basically the best thing ever.