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Point of the Semester Where All I Know Are Memes

These will probably make no sense but basically my life is one long law school meme for the next few weeks. Also, I belong to a lot of meme pages. And finding these was more fun than studying.

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But most accurately me right now…

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Bookworm Memesss

A series of memes that describe what it is like when I live alone:

Me, making lists of what I need when my loans kick in:

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Me, on cleaning:

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Me, on organizing my room:

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Me, in general:


Most of the signs around my apartment complex are in Thai. However, there is one in English and it very clearly reads: “Don’t throw trash off your balcony or dry laundry on your balcony.” 

It is a harder rule to obey than you would think. I air-dry everything. At first it was because I could not figure out how to use the dryer because the directions were in Thai. Then I realized the washing machine did a good enough job destroying my clothes without the help of a dryer. I think the main problem with the washing machine is that it washes everything in hot water. But again, all the directions are in Thai and I cannot find anyone willing to translate for me so I do not know if cold is even an option. 

Thus, I hand-wash almost all my clothes. (Or at least the ones I like and don’t want destroyed!) It takes all day and leaves me with an entire wardrobe to air-dry. But not on the balcony! 

At the moment my entire apartment smells like detergent and damp clothing. I will not miss this part of living in Thailand.

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Packing up apartment = not fun

Finishing 3 audio books = an excellent start to the year

Favorite Hunger Games Memes

This post is in honor of my cousin, Ella, who just finished reading the Hunger Games. Enjoy 😉



And let’s not forget Peeta’s love of bread.




Bonus Round: <Spoilers>



If you happen to notice neon pink, yellow, and blue on my hands, sofa, and clothing…that’s proof I have been studying all day. I probably don’t need to highlight as much as I do, but it keeps me awake. 

One more final to go tomorrow! (But an 8 hour one so I’m bracing myself O.O)


Law School Life: Part V

Law Review in a Nutshell

Authors (probably):

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Meanwhile, me:

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