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Mother’s Day 

*insert obligatory Mother’s Day post*

Love you, Mom! 😚


Ordering off Amazon

“Look at this!” I wave the Agatha Christie mystery in my hand towards my Mom. “The book finally comes in the mail and it is ripped and bent!”

My Mom nods and says the back cover is rather bent. 

I suspect she doesn’t fully grasp my outrage. “It said on Amazon that it was in GOOD condition!”

“Is it a gift?” asks my Mom.

“Well, no.” I say. “But it is the principle of it! I paid…”

But I don’t know what I paid so I pause to check in my email. “I paid a penny for this. Plus shipping and handling. So, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal…”

*feeling sheepish*

Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am so blessed to have you as my Mom! Love you! ❤️❤️😘

My Mom is my Fairy Godmother

Today I found out quite unexpectedly that I was invited to a fancy gala tomorrow night. Even though all I have to do is show up, the prep to get to the part where I show up is incredible. I have to find a dress, shoes, accessories, figure out my hair, etc. This is a black tie event! Lots of details.

I hate details. 

Thankfully, my Mom swooped in and saved the day. She let me try on her dresses, found accessories, and basically suggested or figured out everything else. She pulled me together. I am so grateful to have a Mom like her!! 

I’ll post a few pictures tomorrow. 

My Mom

The adjective I would apply to my Mom this Mother’s Day? Sacrificial. A Mom’s job is one of the most sacrificial roles out there. I can’t imagine how my Mom does it. Day after day, year after year, she has sacrificed her time, attention, and energy to turn me into the woman I am today. Even though I’m graduated and theoretically adulting, I still rely on her every day. Thank you, Mom, for everything you do for me and my siblings. Thank you for your sacrifices and your strength. Thank you for being my teacher and editor and fashion consultant and constant soundboard. I am grateful to be your daughter! ❤