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Contact Paper

When I moved in to my new apartment, my wonderful Mother put contact paper and most of the shelves. She left a few to me. I decided to stop pushing it off and tried to paper some tonight. It went… less well.

The thing is, I am not a big fan of this whole measuring thing. Or cutting. I once won the “Measure Once Cut Fifteen Times” award on a mission trip.

Which is to say, if you ever come over, the shelves with fitting paper are my Mom’s work.


My Amazing Mom (and the new apartment)

The best part of my new apartment is the size. The worst part is…everything else. 😉

In more seriousness, I’m pretty sure the previous owner never cleaned. And maybe not the owner before her either. The place overall is just old and beat up and the landlord did nothing to freshen up the place. (I’m skeptical if it was even vacuumed, much less carpet cleaned like I was told it would be.) 

My amazing Mom used her half day yesterday and her day off today to help me deep clean it. Over 7 hours of work today and we still didn’t finish everything. But…it looks better than it did! 

Many thanks to my Mom! The place wouldn’t look a tenth as good as it does now without her!

Walks With Mom

One of the perks of living at home is that I get to go on walks with my Mom in the evenings. I really enjoy it! We get to see stunning sunsets and sometimes really pretty moons. And Mom time!

Here is a sunset from a few weeks ago:

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Mother’s Day From Thailand

Living in Thailand, I often feel sapped and brittle, one misadventure away from finally snapping. But when those moments happen, I have one person I can turn to who will fill me with grace and encouragement to keep going: my Mom. I’m grateful for all the friends and family who have encouraged me over this past semester and really blessed me. But heading the group, hands down, is my Mom. 

So this Mother’s Day, I just want to recognize the woman who is in my corner no matter what. She supports me no matter how far away I move and loves me through all my varying emotions, frustrations, and adventures. She points me towards God with her actions and words. I’m so grateful for the Godly, wonderful woman who is my Mother! She is the best!


Happy Birthday, Mom!

9 (Out of a Million) Reasons I’m Thankful For My Mom: (in no particular order)

  1. She loves me regardless. 
  2. She supports all my crazy adventures. 
  3. She buys me food.
  4. She listens when I ramble.
  5. She almost always knows the answer – even if the answer means letting me sort it out on my own. 
  6. She reads my blog and occasionally reminds me to share it with the rest of the world.
  7. She tells me what she’s thinking about.
  8. She rocks at her job! 
  9. She rocks at being a Mom.

(I know she will read this, shake her head, and deny she rocks at her job, but really does. And she better not deny she rocks at being a Mom because she has 5 successful children that say otherwise.) 

Movie Night With the Siblings

“Mom and Dad aren’t home! What should we watch?’

“Let’s pick something dark and scary! Maybe Gotham.” 

“Yeah! Mom doesn’t like those shows or movies. Netflix has all the Halloween movies out. Great timing.”

“Or we could watch a kid’s movie. Parents aren’t home to judge us.”

“That’s true! Disney movie? Mickey Mouse’s House of Villains?”


“Monsters vs Aliens!” 

“Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem.” 


30 minutes later, Mom walks in. “What are you watching? You always watch lousy TV when I’m gone.”


My Mom has been on vacation in Ireland and she’s finally coming home! I’m glad she got the opportunity to go on this vacation – it looks like she had an amazing time – but selfishly I’m excited to have her back in the same state as me where I can bug her with questions all the time. Because, as the last week plus has taught me, I apparently bug her with questions more than I realize. She helps me verbally process. My Dad tried. Thank you, Dad, you were very helpful. But he’s not my Mom. And she’s coming back! (Or is back? MOM ARE YOU HOME YET.)