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Late Night Movie!

Catching a late night movie with a friend. There are far too many small children here for the time of night.


Seeing “kids’ movies” without kids

“I want to see that movie!” I whispered to my sister as another preview lit up the darkened movie theater. 

Anna nodded and then muttered, “Lameeee!” at a stupid car commercial. 

It was pre-previews and I didn’t think we were being too loud. Apparently the woman behind us did, however. 

“PLEASE. Be. Quiet.” she hissed angrily. 

Embarrassed, we lapsed into silence and the movie began. I was feeling annoyed and wanted to hiss a few angry retorts myself, but I recognized we were probably in the wrong. Annoyance turned to sheepishness and I tried to be on my best behavior and not laugh too loudly in case it annoyed our neighbor even more. As the movie ended, the woman leaned forward and said something to Anna that I didn’t catch before grabbing her child (who was kicking the back of my chair) and walking out. 

I expected some grumpy comment but Anna just looked slightly baffled. “She said she was impressed that we came and saw a children’s movie without any children.” 

I don’t know if the lady was being sarcastic or not, but if only that poor woman knew! I’ve been to the movies four times in the past month: twice to see Moana and twice to see Sing and not once was I accompanied by a child. Some movies are just worth watching, regardless of their intended audience. So….take that crabby, ageist movie going lady! 

(Also, may I add, I CANNOT WAIT for the Lego Batman movie. I’m definitely seeing it in theaters too.)