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The Lady Says No (1951)

I got a collection of old black and white movies from Goodwill and have been super excited to start watching them. I cannot say, however, that the first one was a total success!

The Lady Says No (Film, Comedy): Reviews, Ratings, Cast and Crew ...

The story follows a young woman who writes a book (“The Lady Says No!”) encouraging women to say no to men more often and value their own worth. No accepting cat calling! No accepting your husband dallying with other women!

But—the movie goes on to show—she really knows nothing about men. And you quickly learn she knows nothing about men when the flirtatious male lead shows up and charms her socks off with very little effort. She then realizes her advice to say no is more harmful than helpful and that really, women ought to say yes more. Wallah.

The main message of the movie was fairly cringe-worthy, which is a pity because it had some truly funny, memorable moments. I really like David Niven in My Man Godfrey and think he had some potential here.

But, ah, yes. This movie did not age well.

Emma (2020)

Bethany and I finally watched the new Emma movie. 

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We were pretty excited but…disappointed with the result. It was beautifully costumed and occasionally goofy. But it lacks romance. There was no chemistry between Anya Taylor-Joy (Emma) and Johnny Flynn (Mr. Knightley). I found myself shipping Emma with Frank Churchill…and I hate Frank Churchill! 

Emma. (2020) — Unsolicited Film Reviews

Also Mrs. Elton looked like she escaped from Whoville. 

The new Emma may look pretty – but Jane Austen deserves to be ...

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020)


If you have followed this blog long at all, you will know I am a huge fan of the TV show Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. So, you can guess at how excited I was when I heard they decided to make a movie. Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (2020) released on Acorn TV last month and I talked Bethany into watching it with me last night. It was…okay.

The adventure leaves behind Australia and occurs primarily in London and Palestine. Between rescuing damsels in distress and solving several murders, Miss Fisher uncovers hidden tombs, dodges ancient curses, and spends a considerable amount of time looking fabulous in the desert. The movie basically turns her into a female Indiana Jones. Though Dot and Aunt Prudence get their cameo moments, the only other character from the TV show with any amount of screen time is Chief Inspector Jack Robinson. 

It is a fun, action packed movie and well-acted. Essie Davis (Miss Fisher) and Nathan Page (Jack Robinson) are always great and their natural chemistry shines despite quite a lot of unnecessarily plot angst. The costuming remains as fabulous as ever. And though several scenes tried way too hard to come across artsy, I thought even the filming did a good job. 

The problem is really the plot. It is something of a mess. You don’t have time to think much about it while watching because every five minutes presents another action/chase/shooting/fighting scene. But it tries so hard to keep the viewer constantly entertained that it makes it hard to focus. And once you think you finally understand the mystery, someone starts shooting and Miss Fisher heads off to a different country on a rabbit trail that feels out of nowhere but apparently ties in somewhere. 

And did anyone ever tell poor Dot that Miss Fisher didn’t actually die?? 

Overall, I would say if you enjoy the world of Miss Fisher, definitely give it a watch. And if you don’t but the idea of a female Indiana Jones intrigues you, also give it a try. I would absolutely watch more Miss Fisher movies if they came out. The ingredients are all there for something good…it just needs a more cohesive plot.

Little Women (2019)

Emma Watson, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, and Eliza Scanlen in Little Women (2019)

I saw Little Women yesterday in theaters with my Mom, Signe, and Bethany.  Though I had my hesitations going in, I was was overall impressed with the movie. 

It does a good job with the Little Women story. As an ardent fan of K Dramas and BBC mini-series, I definitely felt it could have used more development. I thought Meg’s story line in particular needed more development and that the actress who plays Amy had too deep a voice to play a young teenager. Laurie never aged and remained wishy-washy till the end. But overall, it was well done.

The movie touches on many of the iconic scenes from the book. But it mixes them up in new ways. It had lovely costuming. And more importantly, it contained several memorable scenes that I think beautifully added to the story. (Jo’s loneliness being a particularly poignant one.) 

I certainly want to see it again and recommend watching it if you haven’t already. But if you did see it, what are your thoughts? 

Background Music

I could not decide whether or not to go to Bible study tonight. Heavy snow, unplowed roads,  and a pile of law review articles needing screening argued against it. But on the flip side, I’m missing trivia this week and trivia and Bible study make up my social life. 

I crept up the stairs in the hallway outside my apartment to get a better look at the weather. A sense of melancholy filled me. I thought about my lack of social interaction this week and the long, dark future stretching before me…

And then I realized that my future was in Spanish and the stirring, melancholic music in my head was not in my head but coming from my neighbor’s apartment.

I’m not really sure if that means I secretly think my life is a movie worthy of background music or if I just always hear melodramatic music when making minor life decisions. Probably both. 

The Rise of Skywalker

No spoilers. 

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My Mom did not realize I was a Reylo shipper. My Mom now knows I am a Reylo shipper. My poor Mom.

The movie was great. I was highly pleased with this conclusion and how it pretends like the last movie never happened. Definitely recommend for those on the fence. I think there is much to dissect but I don’t want to give anything away! 

Bride For Rent (2014)

I am on a role with finding good movies on Netflix! 

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Bride For Rent is a Filipino movie about a guy who hires a fake bride in order to inherit his trust fund early. Of course, predictable hijinks and miscommunications occur. What I liked about this movie was that it did not follow all the usual cliches. Oh sure, it followed some, but it broke from the usual tropes in interesting ways and produced a romance that actually came across quite believable. Don’t get me wrong – some terrible acting at times. But fun despite it all. 

Either I’m seeing more Filipino options because I am in Thailand or Netflix just downloaded a bunch of Filipino movies. In either case, I’m looking forward to further exploring!