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The Past 8 Years

The application to be a licensed attorney in Wisconsin is lengthy and fairly nosy but I’m realizing all sorts of things about myself because of it. For example, since turning 18…

  • I’ve moved 16 times 
  • Lived in 3 different countries
  • Had 13 jobs
  • 4 “official” volunteer positions and a whole lot of non-official ones 
  • Spent at least a semester at 5 different colleges 
  • Wrote over 1,000 blog posts*
  • Read over 1,600 books*

Not bad for 7.5 years!


*Okay, the Wisconsin Bar did not actually ask about this.

Contact Paper

When I moved in to my new apartment, my wonderful Mother put contact paper and most of the shelves. She left a few to me. I decided to stop pushing it off and tried to paper some tonight. It went… less well.

The thing is, I am not a big fan of this whole measuring thing. Or cutting. I once won the “Measure Once Cut Fifteen Times” award on a mission trip.

Which is to say, if you ever come over, the shelves with fitting paper are my Mom’s work.

Coming Over

Having waited a polite week or two, some friends have started hinting about coming over to see the new apartment.

Here’s the thing. I still only have books unpacked. I mean, they’re what is really important, right? But even I know that when someone comes over they should be able to see the floor. Probably.

Having ascertained my reluctance to host, friends then offer to help unpack. But this still puzzles me. Unpacking is boring. Organizing is awful. Why would I force anyone else into the misery?!

Of course, they don’t find it miserable. But it is. Oh, it is.

No WiFi

I achieved a whole new level of Broke College Student™: I cannot afford WiFi. And I am here to tell you…it hasn’t been as bad as I expected. 

Sure, only accessing the web via data on my phone has its downsides. Namely, every time I try and access the web. But it also means I spend a lot more time reading. At least, this last week my reading experienced a noticeable uptick. (Which is obviously unrelated to the fact that I was avoiding unpacking my kitchen boxes…)

(The only thing I have totally unpacked right now are my books. They just mostly happen to be on the floor since I cannot afford bookshelves.)

No worries. My parents help me with necessities and eventually my student loans will kick in (bringing with it the needed money for WiFi.) Until then, I do without. (Which, theoretically, should inspire me to get more unpacking done. But you know, all those books scattered across the room with no one to read them….)

My Books

For the first time since my early teens, my books no longer reside in my parents’ basement. 

What an exciting thought!

My Mom and brother kindly pitched in and moved all of them to the mini-van yesterday. I then moved all 16 plastic totes into my apartment. It took an hour and fifteen minutes. I then promptly slept 12 hours and probably would have slept more given the chance. I am so sore today. 

But all my books are all in one place! And once student loans kick in, I’ll go out and buy bookshelves. Until then…I guess they’ll just remain strewn about the apartment. But still. My books are in one place. Exciting stuff!

(I appear to own a lot of Agatha Christie. And at least 3 versions Shakespeare’s completed works. Can’t wait to discover what else I own!)

My Amazing Mom (and the new apartment)

The best part of my new apartment is the size. The worst part is…everything else. 😉

In more seriousness, I’m pretty sure the previous owner never cleaned. And maybe not the owner before her either. The place overall is just old and beat up and the landlord did nothing to freshen up the place. (I’m skeptical if it was even vacuumed, much less carpet cleaned like I was told it would be.) 

My amazing Mom used her half day yesterday and her day off today to help me deep clean it. Over 7 hours of work today and we still didn’t finish everything. But…it looks better than it did! 

Many thanks to my Mom! The place wouldn’t look a tenth as good as it does now without her!

Moving Day

Today was moving day! Or, moving night, technically. Evening.

It didn’t get off to a great start.

My Dad drove my van and it died on the way to Madison. That left me with only one minivan. Traffic was terrible. I meant to pick up pizza before my friends arrived to help me move but couldn’t get to that part of town and back to unlock my apartment in time. 

Everyone ended getting caught up in traffic so we didn’t actually start moving till 7. It took about 2 hours to get everything moved. It took about 10 minutes for my mood to go from Stressed to Joyful. 

My friends were awesome. I’m so grateful for their flexibility and kindness. They rolled with everything and quickly had me laughing. I’m looking forward to being back around them!