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Zoo Life

I live in a basement apartment. My windows sit at ground level. I hear and see everything outside my building, especially the neighbor kids. I have quite a few neighbor kids and they usually play on the front steps a foot or so from my door. I don’t mind them; I am using them to brush up on my Spanish. (“¡Mamá, ven a la puerta! ¡Quiero agua!“)

Today, however, the children discovered this was a two-way street. Or to put it differently, the very little ones decided to camp out and stare at me through my window. 

I cannot imagine I was that interesting. I was curled up on the couch with The Iliad trying not to wake my napping sister. But maybe that was enough. At any rate, they seemed to think so.

An older sibling eventually came out with chocolate and that immediately became more interesting. I later heard one of them shush the others because, “The windows were open and someone could be sleeping!”

I wonder how long my new status as zoo animal shall continue before they grow bored of me! 

You Know You Live in Wisconsin When…

You can hear every time the Packers get a touchdown because your windows are open and all the neighbors are loudly watching. 

We are celebrating a lot this game.

Go Pack Go!