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The League of Spinster Aunts

It is Valentine’s Day and, in the spirit of spinster aunts from time immemorial, I plan to spend it babysitting my nephew. 

It is actually quite a good gig. Never mind that in order to get it, I had to remind my brother a holiday called Valentine’s Day was coming up and then volunteer to drive across the state to watch his kid on my own dime. It will be worth it. There is competition for the status of Best Spinster Aunt. (Truly, there are 5 of us.) And I figure, a best defense is a good offense. Gotta start while the nephew is young. 

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all.

Oh, and for the record, if you Google “spinster aunts” in the hope of finding some great memes, nothing comes up. But there are a lot of pictures of the aunts from Arsenic and Old Lace and ya know…that’s not a bad role to aspire to. 

Nephew Time

I got to babysit my one-year-old nephew yesterday ❤ It was wonderful. He is adorable and very well behaved. 

And clearly he was very excited to visit his Tante Amy because he pooped three times while I was watching him. 

We went to visit Auntie Bethany at work and he brought joy to everyone with his adorable, shy grin. I think stores should pay people to walk around with cute babies. It would make life so much better for everyone. 

It was just great. I love that kid so much. Exactly what I needed for post-final recovery! I think I need to kidnap him for the next two weeks. He recharges the soul. 

Impulse Buying

I, admittedly, am an impulse buyer. And unless I am super focused, I will take a tour of the entire store no matter what I came for. I mean, what if I am missing out a great deal in toys because I only want milk?!

Bethany generally understands this about me and since moving in has been a trooper about our weekly grocery shopping. She also (generally) does a good job at steering me away from most of the stuff I want to buy. For example, on any given shopping trip you will hear me say:

  • “I so see an argument for Spiderman place mats.  Look how cool!’
  • “Of COURSE we need a six person tent. It is on SALE.”
  • “Two words: Lego Batman. I think I need this.”
  • “So hear me out, what if we bought a dozen more spoons so we would have to wash dishes less often?” 

Most of the time I am joking but momentarily carried away. (I did buy the stuffed Lego Batman.) The dangerous thing, however, is when Bethany agrees with me. 

Me: “So hear me out…this is a giant stuffed dragon and it is awesome.”

Bethany: “It is super awesome.”

Me: “And our nephew would love it…”

Bethany: “He would.”

Me: “But his parents wouldn’t. So we would have to keep it. And he can play with it when he comes over”

Bethany: “I would put it in my room…”

Me: “So…we’re buying it?”

Bethany: “Yeah, we’re buying it.”

And that is why there is currently a giant, blue, stuffed dragon across from me.

And possibly why Bethany has two Olafs in her room right now. (Sshhhh, one is a gift. So totally justifiable.) 

Nephew’s 1st B-Day Party

My sister-in-law threw a lovely birthday party for my nephew this evening, complete with a lego-shaped birthday cake and fun birthday hats. My Dad did not make it since he went to the Badger-Iowa game and he asked how it went.

Mom: “Pretty good. He got a lot of gifts and some of them were quite noisy so he had sensory overload.” 

Dad: “Was that us?”

Mom: “We gave him a rug.”  


Elijah: “And I gave him an empty pretzel container.” 

Happy Birthday, Devin!

It is my nephew’s first birthday!! Hard to believe a year has passed already. He remains one of the most loved little boys in the world. An adorable chunker! 

I know nothing of babies. But somehow, all the women in the family seem to know a great deal so most conversations this past year have gone something like this:

Sister-in-law: “He is growing his second tooth.”

Me: “…Oh? Is it…the right time for him to do that?”

Younger Sister #1: *in tones of great disgust* “Of course it is!”

Younger Sister #2: “When else would he grow it?”

Sister-in-law: “He is walking now.”

Me: “…Oh? Isn’t it a little soon for that?”

Mom: “No, this is about when they walk.”

Aunt: “Yes, definitely within the right time.”

Sister-in-law: “He is eating solids.”

Me: “Ah, well, that makes sense.”

Mom: “No, actually, it is unusually early for him to eat as much as he does.”

Younger Sister #2: “How do you not know this?”


Nephew’s Tears

“Bwaaaaaa! Ma-ma! Bwaaaaaa!!!”

I can hear my 8-month old nephew’s sobs coming from my Mom’s phone. My sister-in-law does an incredible job updating us each day with pictures and videos of Devin. And, as he becomes more mobile and finds himself caged in, they frequently involve his attempts at escape and subsequent irritation at being prevented. 

Our reactions to his videos fall into a pattern. First, alarm. 

“Oh no! Why is he crying???” 

Then, once we realize he’s just being denied something, laughter. His sobs suddenly turn funny. They’re so cute! 

Being an aunt is so fun.

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Once upon a time, I tried sending my brother to his room. He refused. I probably yelled. It was in the early days when I was 8 or so and Mom first let us stay home alone for short periods of time. 

I remember my Dad taking me aside afterwards and saying quite firmly, “Amy, as the oldest you are in charge. But Sam is your deputy. You don’t get to boss him around. You work with him.” 

I honestly don’t think Sam and I have had a fight since.

Happy Birthday to the best deputy a sister could ask for! I hope you have another incredible year. (And also, thanks for giving me the best nephew on the planet. More pictures of him always welcome. 😉 )