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Elevator Dependent

Today the electricity went out in the building where I work while all of us were showing up to work.

Guess what runs on electricity? 


Guess what none of knew how to do? 

Get to our floors without an elevator. 

There are no staircases in the main lobby. Only elevators. 

There are no staircases in the parking garage. Only elevators. 

I wandered outside and started circling the building before one of my co-workers pointed me in the right direction. He was headed for a coffee shop (no electricity also means no WiFi) but suggested I take the flight of stairs accessible from another portion of the building.

I entered yet another lobby and saw three doors.

Opened the first. Pitch black. Must be a broom closet. 

I tried the second. Locked.

I tried the third. Locked.

Back to the broom closet. Turns out, it is actually the stairs. They are just pitch black. 

I turn on my phone flashlight and start meandering up them. Someone was actually leaving my floor so he held the door open for me. This turned out to be an unexpectedly helpful move because guess what I learned after the fact?

The stairwell doors all lock behind them

AKA: once you are in the pitch-black stairwell, you are trapped in there until someone opens a door. 

Does this seem like a fire hazard to anyone else?

Anyway, electricity came on not long thereafter, but what an adventure getting into work this morning! (At least it gave me an excuse for running behind!)